Saturday, May 12, 2007


There are a lot of birthdays this month so I'm going to take this opportunity to say HELLO to my B-day peeps.

Today is my Grand Nephew TC's 8th birthday. Apparently his mother called her grandmother this morning moaning about having an eight year old son. She questioned how that can be possible? I told her grandmother, my mother, that when her boy gets to be 19 then we'll talk. I can't understand how I have a 19 year old daughter when I'm only 17 my self.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TC. I hope you enjoyed the movie. I Promise I will have your b-day gift mailed on Monday.

I called a friend of mine on Friday afternoon to wish her a happy birthday. She said "thanks, but it isn't until MONDAY". LOL Good grief!

Today I got a chance to catch up on my emails and discovered I'd missed my friend CAMI's birthday. I feel so bad. I just spent last Sunday with her and you'd think I'd be a good enough friend to remember her special day. only excuse is that my new job is a real job. No more reading or posting emails from the office. I have to actually work! YIKES. Please forgive me.

If I've missed anyone elses Big Day, I have no excuse except for poor time management skills.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. My DD & DS are supposed to be coming over and taking me to lunch. It will be nice to see the girl for more than 5 minutes. She is always so busy and now she's working double shifts at her new job. I really enjoy spending time with her. maybe I can convince her to turn off her cell phone so we can talk without the usual 50 interruptions.

I'm hoping to see my own mom tomorrow but may have to wait until Monday. I was thinking I'd take her to lunch or bring some over to the house. Now that I get a real lunch hour & park at the office building I can do things like that.

For everyone that is a mother or does a mothers job, I hope you have a wonderful day. Make some memories.

Til later.................


Jenn said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, I was moaning a little that I now have an 8 year old. I swear, that happened quicker then I was prepared for; I blinked and he's 8. No More Blinking.

He liked Spiderman 3 and really enjoyed all the junk he got that he usually isn't allowed to have. But, we did get a lot of sport related gifts to encourage the physical activity so it works itself out. LOL No,he just loves sports, outside, etc.

I hope that you had a nice lunch and when you see Grandma, give her a hug for me.


Cami said...

no worries my dear! I still love ya! :)