Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.
Mine was very good. My DD brought her brother back from his weekend with his dad so we could have lunch together. I had some spareribs that needed to be cooked so I put them in the oven about two hours before they arrived. I figured we could eat them & save her some money or we'd go out and I've have supper for tomorrow already fixed. We decided to stay home and eat the ribs. I had DD finish the rest of the fixings as her contribution to the lunch.
After we ate I got to open my gifts. DD had brought me a basket full of my favorite things. I got a box of DOVE dark chocolates, a bottle of PRIMA flowers (!!! good job DD), a book of velum quotes for scrapbook pages, Fried Green Tomatos & Ferris Buelers Day off DVDs (two of my all time favorites!), a nice smelling candle and........the latest JOSH GROBIN CD. WAHOO!!! ((CAMI...I can't wait to have you listen..maybe at your crop??)) We had just watched JG on "Sunday Morning" on CBS and now, here he was, in basket of love from DD.
My DH gave me a envelope with a print out of my "to be delivered gift". It is the NEW Cricuit that they debuted on QVC recently that DRAWS as well as cuts. It also comes with two cartridges, one of which is exclusive to QVC. I went crazy when I saw it on QVC but never considered ordering it as I got the one last year when they first came out (also from QVC). DH didn't seem the least bit excited when I tried to get him to look at it while being demonstrated. I dragged DS in to watch with me. As always, my DH was paying attention and called Micheals & Joanns looking for it only to be told they did not have it. He called QVC and ordered it for me and it should arrive at the end of the month. Another great feature is that this machine will have numbers on the dials. The original ones didn't come with numbers so you have to kind of guess what size/thickness you were setting. I also do not have the other cartridge that is included so I'm excited to get it and see what it can do.
We didn't take to many pictures and the ones we did take came out shaky and dark. The one above is the only one of the three of us. I changed it to sepia tone and it doesn't look quite as blurry.
I'm gonna go watch D. Housewives and then head to bed. Back to work & school. I'm planning on taking advantage of my hour tomorrow and take my mom some lunch. MOM..if you are reading this, don't forget to call and tell me which kind of soup/sandwich you want.
If you get a minute..share your Mother's day stories with me. I'd love to hear them.
BTW, I spilled Sweet tea into my keyboard last night. Anyone know how to get the stickiness out?? My "W" is sticking bad!! Note to self, no more drinks around the computer.
Til later................


Lisa D:) said...

The new Cricut? COOL! What an awesome gift Cheryl. Dove chocolates and prima flowers? omg, you struck gold today! The best part of my mother's day, besides spending it with my mom and children, is that my youngest ds cleaned out the garage without being asked to!

Jenn said...

You had a very nice Mother's Day! That's terrific.

I hope you have a nice lunch with Grandma today.

Michele L from Tampa said...

That was a really nice Mothers Day. I got a store bought card from Cody and worked 8am to 11:30pm. I got to spend my day with lots of mothers - litterly! Nice what ya doing with your old Cruict? That would be a great Mothers Day gift for mom too.....

Cami said...

wow! high 5's to your loved ones...they did an awesome job spoiling you on Mother's Day!! Can't wait to hear the new JG! and remind me to keep all the beverages away from your scrap area on Saturday! lol! I will be anxious to see that new Cricut in action!

there's been a definite absence since you got this new job - miss you! But I know, I gotta work. hmpf!!!