Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MUST stay awake

tonight!!! House season finale. AI. Can't wait to see what the kids do. So exciting!! Paula and her broken nose. OH my. We also need to watch HERO's as we missed it last night. "Action Jack with life like hair" was on and to exciting to miss so we saved the world for later.

So Cami, what did you think about the ending? We wanted to see Jack find out Josh is his son. Or have Audrey's dad hit Jack over the head and cause him to drop to the cliffs below. Kinda ended....wimpy. Cloie pregers? Arg. That's a child that they should sign up for Therapy RIGHT NOW.

Between going to sleep after midnight, hubby waking me up when he went to the potty sometime later (made me realize I had to go too and then had to wait until he came out...TMI..sorry) and then the stupid cat knocked a basket off the top of the refridge-breaking a cake cutter and waking me up 15 minutes before the alarm was scheduled to go off, ( I HATE when that happens) I'm a walking zombie. MUST not fall asleep and miss anything tonight.

What are every ones plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Travel? Picnic. SLEEP? My DD & DS are going to S.C. with their dad so the DH & I are alone. Now that my Vendor event has been postponed I may sleep all day Saturday. Yeah-right. Never happen unless I'm severely medicated. Hmmmmmm. I need to clear out the storage unit and bring it home to the newly cleaned out garage. And try not to fill it up so the car doesn't fit again.

Speaking of the car, I backed into the garage last night. It drove right out this morning. Amazing.

((EDIT**I just reread that and cracked myself up. I did not HIT the garage, I backed the car into the garage space. IT didn't drive it's self out this morning. I actually did the driving. Wouldn't have to put it into the garage if the stupid car could drive its self. It would probably be able to manuver the driveway better than I can. ))

OH......I almost forgot....HOUSE & Nip Tuck fans......do you know which two actors appeared in the " Jeff Daniels" movie version of 101 Dalmations? I watched half of it last night at Karate and was surprised to see two of my new favs as characters in the children's movie from years ago. Guess Who???

Til later...............

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Cami said...

hmmm, funny you say that about Josh cuz I was thinking that very thing. Amen to your comment about Chloe's child...yikes! I have seen that actress on talk shows and I actually really like her in person. She does a great job of acting like a complete grump. Yes - the ending was wimpy. Looked like Jack might jump ??? We were expecting a little snippet of the next season to get us wondering for the next 7 or 8 months. :( no snippet. boo!