Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Why didn't anyone tell me that HOUSE season finale wasn't until NEXT WEEK?? Arg. I was all set for Dr. House and then....let down.

So, what did you think about the IDOLs? It is just like last year. Guy vs Girl. Girl is MUCH better singer but guy is a better performer. Who do you choose? Like Paula said, it doesn't really matter since they will BOTH do alright after the show ends. Is a 17 year old ready for the crazy things that will happen if she wins tonight? I believe Blake is ready and is the better entertainer but I'm not sure that's enough. We'll know in a few hours. If you read something, don't tell me. I didn't come this far to find out before Ryan announces it tonight.

BTW, Chris D.....................smoken hot last night. Great way to end the show. Thank goodness we had set the next show to tape or we'd have missed it. DARN shows that run over!!

Well I may have pissed my DS off to no end today. It is the last day of school. His last chance to talk to the kid at the bus stop. The last chance to get his phone number so they can get together during the summer. Since I knew he'd never do it, I took the lead and got out of the car this morning and gave the kid a TLC catalog with my phone number on it. I asked him if his mom liked to scrapbook and he said she used to. I told him we get together at the clubhouse once a month and to have her call me if she was interested.

DS about crapped his britches when I got out of the car. He was very upset with me when he found out what I'd done. He was afraid I had invited them over to our house. I told him just because he doesn't want to make a friend that-that doesn't mean the kids mom should suffer if SHE wants to meet people. We'll see. They could be dope sellers or mob killers in witness protection. You can say I told you so if this ends badly.

GUESS WHAT?????? When I got home last night, DH had put his truck in the the spot where I'd had the car. It fit. WOW!!! I took the trash MOUND out to the road this morning and it looks like there may be room for my car in the garage too. !!!!!! We'll see. I still want to empty the storage unit so not sure how that's all going to fit. Guess there is alot of purging in my future. How long should you keep records & papers from 1988???

Looks like we may get to see DH's son this weekend as he passes through on his way to a cruise. He is leaving out of Tampa and called to see if we could meet for dinner Saturday night. That would be great. I really adore the boy and wish he lived closer. I love to see him and his dad together. They have such a beautiful relationship. I'm glad things turned out the way they did so they could have a bond that will never be broken. I would have loved to get back together with my sweetheart YEARS before we did but it would have sacrificed the boys happiness and that would have been a mistake. Now, if we had gotten together in 1980 like we should have, maybe that boy would be OURS sense in going down that mental path.

OK, I'm digressing and starting to get way to serious. Time to close and get to work.

OH...I forgot about HERO's. Watched the finale. Kinda a let down. Syler is apparently still alive. The Pitrelli boys are now "stars"??? Will the cop live? Does the little girl go off and live with Mohindar? Hiro is now in the 1640's?? Goodness.

Til later......................


Cami said...

argh! I missed chris d? dangit! Well, my vote is still for Jordin. It will be interesting to see which way the voting public went. Blake has just lost steam to me. The single they both sang last night...Blake was ok - but Jordin gave me goosebumps. She's just really that much better IMO. Blake is definitely more animated though. :) The metallic gold/silver vest was interesting...that and his black and metallic gold shoes. ???

I hope you'll be able to get DS and the bus-boy together this summer. It would be great if you could break through that seemingly impossible barrier! It is so strange why DS is so resistant to talking to him. I hope that changes.

Hooray about the garage!!! Ready to come over here? lol...Tom has about had it with the boxes stacked to the ceiling - but until we move - they will remain that way!

Loretta said...

Give my nephew a hug for me...Mama said he's been sick, so I hope he's better by the weekend. would've been great, but then you wouldn't have your kids or my nephew, so I guess it serves no purpose to look back. But what a wonderful thing it is that you have the future to look forward to, together! :-)

Love you!