Tuesday, May 8, 2007

HR day

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays post. I appreciate the support as we muddle through this time. DH didn't get a chance to try and talk to DS yesterday. Hopefully DH will be feeling better this afternoon and get to "grill" him. I'm still taking suggestions if anyone has a magic wand or trick I can try. I did make him walk to the bus stop this morning. That's the only reason I have time to post before I leave for work.

Today is the orientation for my new job. I'll finally find out all the benefit information. WAHOO!!!

Today is mine & DH's 2 month anniversary. AWWWWWWWWW. I found a sweet note taped to the bathroom mirror this morning when I woke up. My DH loves me!!

I'm going to go wake him before I leave so he has time to get ready for a doctors appointment. He'll be within two blocks of my work but I know he won't feel up to stopping by. Maybe one day he can come see my office. I know all the ladies would love to meet him. They feel like they already know him since I have at least 5 pictures on my desk not to mention my wedding party screen saver.

Hope you all had a great Monday. Cami, I didn't see 24 yet. HERO's was another good one. The previews for the final two shows of the season look fabulous. Tuesday means AI, HOUSE and some other stuff. WAHOO!!

Til later....................


Cami said...

awwww...happy 2 month anniversary you 2 lovebirds! :)

you HAVE to watch 24!! OMG!

...and that's all I have to say...

Lisa D:) said...

Gosh, is it two months already? Seems like it was a couple weeks ago! Happy day!

Sue R said...

Hi Cheryl!! Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it has been two months already!!

I've missed you around SnipNTear. Hope all is well!!

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