Monday, May 28, 2007

The boy

How is your holiday shaping up? I spent 6 hours going through the stuff in my storage unit and only made a slight dent. I threw away papers and memories dating back to 1978. Wow, I AM a pack rat. I left the rest of the stuff in the unit since by then I was SUN BURNT and tired and some how had lost or not brought lids for the storage containers. I woke up this morning before 7am and lay in bed for an hour trying to convince myself to go back and finish the job. The thought of being in the sun again and all the work it would be to to do it all by myself convinced me otherwise. I'll either pay another months rent or get someone/bodies to help me. It wouldn't take long with several people and a rental truck but forever with me, myself & I.

We got a chance to see DH's youngest boy Saturday night. Met him for dinner at Outback and then drove him to his hotel in downtown Tampa. He should be well on his way to sea since the boat was leaving sometime yesterday. He wasn't sure what time but we figure he's gone as we didn't hear from him again. The picture was taken outside his hotel, in the pitch darkness. Not the best lighting but it's a shot of father & son. Can you tell DH's back was DONE for the night by the time it was taken? I have another picture that shows it better but it would have frightened small children & this is a "family blog".

I guess I will go balance my check book for the first time since the wedding and file away the stack of paper/receipts I have been setting aside for months. Then maybe I'll clean up my scrap room. It's gotten totally out of hand. I need to finish the baby book I've made so I can take it to work tomorrow.

So much to little energy.

Til later........................

PS. I know you will never see this but..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my stepson-JH!!!!!

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Loretta said...

Wow, the only time I get to see pics of my brother & nephew is on your blog, lol. Thanks for posting the picture, and I'm glad J got to spend some time with you. :-)

Enjoy your day off!

Anonymous said...

Happy bday to your stepson...I personally know that today is THE best day to be born :)
Sounds like you're having fun cleaning out the storage unit. Seriously though, if I lived nearby I'd help ya out.
Hope dh back was better today. Back pain's the pits.

Jenn said...

Hey there, that is a good picture! Quite a handsome young man!

Ohh man, this weekend must have been a clean sweep weekend because I heard Michele did the same. I did it last Wed. This week I am frantically getting prepared for Sat., Mr. G's bday!

Love ya