Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Beat goes on

I had that title all set for today and then I read my buddy Cami's comment from yesterday. Sorry Cami, I have to disagree on this one but I still LOVE YA!

I thought it was a little cruel to leave Chris hanging for almost 15 minutes. As soon as they let Jordin sit down and left Blake & Chris standing..did anyone doubt the out come?

Now that it is down to the final four it is going to get tough. Lakisha is the only one, in my opinion, that is still expendible. Should be an interesting next few shows.

LOST....WTF??? Are they dead or not?? How did Lockes dad get there? What are they going to show him next week? If they are already dead, how have people been killed since they arrived? OMG!!!! Wild show.

So tonight we have, Greys-(Secret spin off show), CSI-Vegas, and the WEDDING on ER. Good stuff!

Til later.............


Cami said...

LOL...I knew you wouldn't agree with my comment. Ya either love the beat boxing or you don't. I sure wouldn't be surprised if it came down to Melinda and Blake. At this point though - the top 4 each have a pretty good chance of getting a record deal, so I can't say I'm concerned for my girl Jordin. She will get a deal and do just as well...kinda like Chris Daughtry.

LOST last! I'm so confused! Is this H E double hockey sticks or not? I felt bad for Sawyer...poor guy. What are Jack and Juliette keeping from the rest of the group?

GA tonight...woohoo!!!!!!

Jenn said...

I agree, Lakisha should go next. I really like Blake & Jordin. I didn't like Jordin's Bon Jovi performance but at this point...she has a fan base and I think that is what helped her out.

I did see Lost and I am LOST! Makes me nuts....are they in some sort of pergatory?

ER...Whoa! Loved it