Sunday, July 15, 2007

Scrapped out

after spending 12 hours card making & scraping with my Scrapyard gals. My sister & I went over early to take the card making class. We were super early so we stopped at Michael's for a quick look see. Well, we look see-ed so long we ended up almost being late for the class. We made 5 cards and though they were simple for most peoples standards they were cute and worth the $5 fee.

After the class the gals started arriving and we proceeded to scrap/crop till about 10:30 pm. We also did some shopping since the store is getting ready to have a "Christmas in July" sale and the manager was nice enough to let us get an early jump on the sale. I managed to get out for less than half what my original total was. I went through my PILE and put more than half the stuff back. Some people would call me crazy for putting back BG Christmas packs at 50% off but I still have the Christmas Kit I bought from RR last year....un-touched. I did get a cute stamp set with my 40% off coupon they let us use from JoAnns.

I ran home and jumped on the computer as Midnight was the official release of the 5 new stamp sets from Papertreyink. They all coordinate with the 5 scallop shapes that everyone is using these days. I was a good girl and only ordered three of the 5. The circle and the heart shape didn't call to me so I saved my self some money.

Saved my self some money.....LOL. Have you been keeping track of my spending the last couple days? I would say I have spent my NON-CKU money. I'm done!!!!

Good news, my FIL finally got to go home from the hospital today. They wouldn't let him leave until his blood pressure went down but he managed to get sprung and is now resting in his own own bed. I haven't heard the test results yet but so far everything looks good.

I'm fading fast and so I will bid you all good night, good is 12:56am. I'm going to take some aspirin and hit the sack myself. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Til later................


Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are looking up for your fil and I pray they continue to do so.

Cami said...

Great news about your FIL. :)
It was fun scrapping with you last weekend - looking forward to the big retreat in a few weeks!

Cami said...

where are you? I see you are scrapped out, but are you blogged out too? This is so unlike you to go for almost a week with no blog post....
where are you my friend?