Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where has the weekend gone?

It was Friday just a minute ago. Dang it! I really never accomplish what I set out to do in two short days. I've GOT to clean up the house and put away all the STUFF I've gotten in the last couple weeks. I also MUST stop buying stuff. Good grief...decide not to go to CKU and the next thing you know you are a spending fool.

Ran over to Lakeland yesterday to "spend" my Mike & Joanns coupons at Crafts & Stuff. Drove all the way over there because I needed to pick up the two stamps I'd special ordered from Violettes. Turns out C & S is CLOSING and was having a 70-90%off sale. CRAPOLA. Meant that they weren't taking coupons but they were having a 70-90% off sale. I ended up being there for several hours and SAVED $250. You do the math. Their last day is the 28th or 29th but there really isn't alot left. Paper & a few odds & ends. I bought the rest. Just kidding.

Since I stayed there so long, and had to be back in Z-hills for a hairdressing appointment, I RAN to Violette's and didn't have time to look around. Darn it. It was my first time in the store and would have loved to snoop.

I gambled on the quickest way back and decided I4. Unfortunately as soon as I reached the interstate the rains came and approximately 7 miles from my exit...dead stop. I crept past 4 or 5 accidents and ended up having to call and cancel my hair appointment. DARN it!! I really wanted to look good for my DH. He says he loves me no matter what but the hair needs some attention! Not to mention she usually does my eyebrows. Crapola!

Since I missed my appointment I HAD to turn off the interstate and go over to Brandon. Those Mike & Joann coupons were still calling my name. I made the mistake (see a trend here?) of going to the Super Wallys across from Joanns to pick up some plants. I'd found some really cool "Strawberry picking wagons" at a yard sale and they were crying out to become planters in my front yard. I picked out some plants and made the mistake of going over to the craft department instead of checking out right away. I didn't find anything to buy but by the time I checked out and got ready to leave the Sky opened like a hurricane was over top of us. I was stuck in the garden department for 40 minutes until it let up enough to dash to the car.

No, that didn't stop me from driving across the street and going to Joanns. I had three coupons to use and used them all. I got two more Embossing folders from Cuttlebug and a cute Scroll set of acylic stamps. I would have gotten out of the store fairly cheaply but then I got the bright idea to buy some fake flowers to redo the arrangement near my front door since I'd bought a new "urn" at the C & S 70% sale. It's a cycle I tell ya.

I finally got home and then this morning went back out and got a couple more plants and "inserts" for the planters. I've gotten them all put together and they look pretty cute. I need to mow the lawn and guess I better get to it before it rains again.

Hope you had a good weekend and were better disciplined than I was. Anyone read the HP book yet? My (***EDITED**) DD was at the store as always and I haven't heard from her since 11:40pm Friday night. I thought she might call when she got to the end but she is either to busy working or to busy crying. If you know the ending...don't spoil it for me. I won't be reading the book but want to hear it from her.

I'll take some pictures and show you the new planters soon. I still owe you the card pictures and I promise if I ever get them done, I will.

Til later..............


Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl! You've been a busy shopper! As for me, I stayed away from the stores this weekend and organized all my crapola on my scrap desk. Almost done now. I've GOT to start USING this stuff already!
Sorry, not a HP fan...just never got into it, although with all the hype lately I've been thinking maybe I should give it a go.

Anonymous said...

How's your fil doing Cheryl? I hope he's much improved...

Cami said...

sounds like a fun filled day :)

Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend shopping in the rain. I haven't gotten much accomplished besides all my school work.

Am I the only one that has NO idea what is going on with Harry Potter? I haven't seen one of the movie nor have I read the books. Maybe I should get with the program.

melissa said...

Your post really cracks me up! Coupons calling your name! LOL!
I think they call my name sometimes too, but I've been trying to ignore them lately! I don't need anymore stuff.
(for at least another week or 2)