Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Half way there-post#1 **EDITED

I'm torn between wanting time to stand still and wanting it to hurry and be the weekend. Can you believe it was down to 3 months until Christmas yesterday? WOW. Where has the year gone?

UPDATE: My DS started running a fever last night. They warned us it could happen. He is still a little bit hot this morning so we are keeping him home as a precaution. My DH is home so he can keep an eye on him. DS complained about his arm being sore & stiff yesterday but he is a drama queen about shots so we can't really know for sure. The sight looked ok so we'll just continue to monitor him. Haven't heard from DD about yesterday so not sure still if she went. My DS is supposed to have dinner with her tonight. Hope he is feeling up to it.

Lets talk about something pleasant for a moment....the new TV SEASON. With all the stuff going on we haven't mentioned the new shows starting. My DVR is running over time again & we have a list full already.

I was SO excited to have Prison Break back. OMG. If I found myself in that place I think I would have to go to my happy place & stay there. I can't imagine living in those conditions. Poor Michael having to wear long sleeves in that heat so no one sees his Tats. ARG!!

HEROS...........good stuff. New Stuff. Not loving Nathans beard but glad to see Peter has cut his hair. LOL.

Bones was back last night. Love them! Was shocked to see Hodgins with short hair. Looks a 10000 % better. I was glad to see Zack back but was sad that he was so upset he couldn't stay in Iraq. ZACK..Bones needs you more!!

HOUSE.............................WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Can you tell we love that show? I was so glad to have his witt/humor back in my life. Can't wait till next week to see how the Survivor meets Apprentice part of the show works. Looks like he'll have LOTS of people to hassle. It was very sad though when he figured out that the patient wasn't who they thought she was. That was straight out of the headlines from last year and just as heartbreaking. LOVE HOUSE!!!!!!!

More new stuff tonight. LOVE IT.

What was your favorite new show..what are you looking forward to? Me...can't wait for CSI-Vegas & Greys tomorrow.

Til later..................

**3 :30 DS's fever broke about mid day and seems to be feeling fine now. Spoke with my DD and she DID go to Jax yesterday. She said she was very glad she did as she feels a bit better now but still not ready to talk about things. I heard the bus got pulled over on the way back from Jax last night but didn't think I'd better ask about that today..maybe one day.


deirdre said...

i still cant believe that you are going through this all. still thinking of you and your family.

on another note, tv wise... yeah on heros, NOT liking the beard on nathan, thank goodness they cut peters hair!

cant wait for greys tomorrow!!!!

Jenn said...

I am glad DS is doing better. Big HUGS!

Trudie Lloyd said...

Glad DS's fever broke. Glad to hear DD is doing okay.

TV stuff - I'm with you on Hero's. Didn't watch last year but DS bought the season on DVD so he, DH and I watched them all in the last two weeks. It just keeps getting more interesting! Glad that the most over used prop (Peter's hair) is gone!

Bones - just love that show!! The chemistry between Booth and Tempe is so great, just hope it NEVER developes into a romance.

My DD is really into Prison Break and House. I'm looking forward to premiers of Numbers and Supernatural this week.

Hope you have a great week and everyone stays well at your house.