Friday, September 14, 2007

What happened to the week?

Wow, I blinked and it's Friday. Wahoo!!! My DS will be at his Dads this weekend and that means running amuck! Well actually, it doesn't but I thought I'd try & fool ya. Seriously, here's the week wrap up and weekend plans so far......

This afternoon I will be going straight from work to my hairdressers. She is a sweetheart and always fits me in and stays late to work her magic. She was supposed to be getting married in October and when I called to make the appointment I asked if she was "Freaking out" being 30 days out. She said no, that things had actually changed and she wasn't getting married. I can't wait to get in the chair and get the scoop. She said she was OK about it. Better to figure it out BEFORE than spend years dealing with your mistake.

NOT that I'd know anything about that.

Tomorrow I hope to sleep in a little and then about midday I'm heading over to my buddy Cari's house for a Scrapyard gals get together to crop/eat/laugh...etc. Should be a blast. I'm not sure how long I'll stay or what I'm gonna work on but I know it will be fun cause those gals are CRAZY!

Sunday the "Race for the Chase" begins so we'll have NASCAR on and I will probably be at my craft table working & watching. I got some more toys in the mail yesterday and now I need to learn how to use them. I also got a FREE stamp set and acylic block from a new stamp company. It was unexpected and a great surprise in the mail yesterday. New rubber...yeah!

The baby shower was yesterday and turned out really great. I ended up making 22 "party favors" instead of a card. I think they turned out cute. Everyone was impressed and thinks I should have my own craft business. LOL. That's only because they don't read the blogs I do or have the friends I do. I'm a ROOKIE compared to most of the people I know. I'll get a picture and share it with you this weekend. My camera didn't want to cooporate last night so you'll just have to wait.

Speaking of shopping..weren't we??.....anyway, Tonight is the release of 4 (FOUR) new stamp sets from Papertreyink. Oh my aching wallet. Seriously, check out the link to my left and get ready to stay up till midnight tonight to jump on these babies.

Hope you have all had a great week. Continue to keep our brave men & women in uniform in your prayers and do something nice for someone. What have you done lately to make you feel proud?

Oh, I almost forgot to share with you my favorite new saying that I read on a blog yesterday...."I'm blonder than I pay for" LMAO!!

Til later.....................

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Jenn said...

"I'm blonder than I pay for!" Omg, that is completely quotable!!! I love it.

I hope you have a fun weekend.