Wednesday, September 5, 2007


40 years ago today I got the best birthday present ever, my sister Michele. Yes, I know my birthday was 2 weeks ago (and I'm still accepting gifts if you were late!) but growing up I usually had to wait until the first of September to get my birthday gifts because of the way my dad was paid. Because of that, I've always considered Michele my birthday gift when I turned 9.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sis!!! I still say life begins at 40, takes a turn when you are 46 1/2 and then WAHOO!!!!! Hope you have a super day and get spoiled rotten. From what I hear, you are already (getting spoiled..not that you are rotten..LOL). Love you forever & a day.

Til later.............

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Loretta said...

Gosh, I can't picture Michele at 40! I still "see" her as 8 years old, the age she was when I saw her last. :-) Happy birthday, Michele!