Sunday, September 16, 2007

Super weekend & a special greeting

The crop yesterday was a great as I expected. A house full of women, a kitchen full of food and a GREAT host. What more could you ask for? Oh, there was more; laughter, the infamous coffee & creamer (it wasn't quite the same without Cami so we didn't get to crazy), helpful ideas turned into beautiful creations, a special scrapbook that had all of us filled with hope for a perfect "beginning" to a love story, a bag of free stuff from one of our fellow scrappers, ....did I mention food?

Ok, so you get the idea. I had fun. What did I get done? Well, it was an interesting day for me. I tried something that in planning sounded like a good idea but in application turned out to be a huge mess. Again, it's Cami's fault for not being there. I tried to create something using GESSO as my base. Cami swears by it but I guess I never paid enough attention to what she was doing with it. I won't go into the gorry details but my table mates were amazed that I stuck it out and finished my project..despite the mess I made in the process. I'll let you know if the finished project turns out better or worse for the GESSO application.

Cami...I need a GESSO lesson ASAP.

I also covered 20 mini composition books but I can't show you as they are gifts and you never know who might be reading this. They made me feel better about the GESSO though as it didn't touch that project.

Changing the subject, How about those BUCS!!!!!! Wahoo!!!! 1-1. Yeah!!

Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday. He is approximately 6 months older than my DD. I can't believe these kids are in their 2nd year of college. He just got a laptop so I'm not sure what else he could possibly want but I'll think of something. He's a great kid and I wanted to send him my wishes for a super day. I'm pretty sure he has classes but maybe he'll get a chance to do something special. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODE-MAN!!!

Hectic week coming, meetings, my FIL is having another minor surgery & I have another Scope test on Friday. We're still trying to figure out the pain I'm having and so now we are gonna scope from the top down. At least I don't have to "cleanse" with this one.

My friend should be returning to work tomorrow and I hope she appreciates my little "visual" joke I have planned. She knows I'm a flake and I always try and use humor to release the tension. Hope she gets the joke cause it's so much funnier when you don't have to explain it.

Sorry I didn't get any photos loaded today. I spent the whole day in my jammies, sitting on the couch, reading the paper, watching the game and then the race..but mostly just enjoying spending time with my DH. Pretty good life if I say so myself.

Til later.....................


deirdre said...


first of all those little comp books were really adorable and i expect to see one under my tree this year lady! LOL!

i dont know whatwas supposed to be with gesso so, i hope cami can help ya when she returns:) i didnt even know there was anything wrong, had me fooled!

as always, GREAT to spend time with you and thanks for the contribution on help with the "project".

hugs to ya, meant to tell you i had that same scope done about 6 years ago and it isnt bad at all, just a little loopy afterwards, but hey you are loopy anyways my friend:) he he!

Mary said...

One day, I WILL make it over to the west side for a crop with you all!!

Anonymous said...

OH how I wish I could make it to the scrapyard crops. It sounds like SO MUCH FUN all the time. Just a little bit too far for me...but one of these days I'll surprise y'all!
You are a brave woman to experiment with Gesso! I'm impressed! Can't wait to see what you made!