Monday, October 1, 2007

#6 with a bullet

What a great weekend for Tampa Sports.....................

How about those BULLS!!!!!! What a great game. Stayed glued to the TV until the last minute of coverage. My DD was there and got to be in the craziness down on the field after the game. I would have been right there too if I was her age. To jump from #18 to #6 ............WOW!!!!!

How about those BUCS!!!!!! Unbelievable! Another great game. Really fun to watch when your team is winning! Hope they keep it up.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see Florida loose! (Sorry any of you Gator fans but "we" do not "like" the Gators!) I'm not sure what would have been better..if Auburn had missed the field goal that was called back because of Florida's coach calling the last second time out...then kicked it again and made it or the way it happened...making it twice. WAHOOOOO. Loved the kicker running off the field giving the "Gator chomp" as he ran. LOVED IT!!!!!

How about those Devil Rays!!!! WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL. Wahoo. Gotta take your fame where you can get it. Maybe next game??

Didn't get on line at all this weekend so not sure whats been happening. We took the boy to Lowry Park yesterday and had a great time. We turned him loose with the camera so can't wait to see how those pictures turn out. He's usually a pretty good photographer so we'll see. Thank goodness for digital cameras as he must have taken a couple hundred shots.

October 1st....OMG! Holidays are right around the corner. Busy month shaping up all ready. Every weekend is filled except the last one so far. It will be New Years before you know it.

What did you do this weekend?? Hope you had fun.

I almost forgot to talk about TV......Desperate Housewives back on Sunday night. What did you think? New drama with the new "housewife" We also caught up on "Moonlight". It was OK..we'll give it a chance. Another great night of TV tonight with Prison Break. More new shows starting this week. My goodness! OH and we finally watched GREYS from the other night. Still not liking the relationship between Izzy & George. Really not feeling the love.

Til later.........................

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deirdre said...

i am soooo mad! my DVR did not record DHWives, can you believe it! UGH! UGH! UGH! so i am going to try and watch it online.