Thursday, October 11, 2007

Retirement Party Time

Yep, working hard again today. We are having a retirement party for a dear lady and we've pretty much blown off the day in her honor. Add in the fact that my boss is out sick and most of my team is missing and wahooooooooooooo. Seriously, I have things to do & they'll get done.

I haven't talked about this weeks TV viewing so let me catch you up. If you've missed any of your favorite shows you may want to tune out now.

Prison Break: GOOD GRIEF!! Head in a box! Oh my! Love to watch Michael out smart people but I can't believe they "killed" his love. Or did they? My DH suspects it's not her head. How awful that Linc has to lie to his brother to protect LJ.

HEROS: How sweet that Claire has a "boyfriend" that understands her. Flying her off like cool! Sylar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bones: People that pretend to be horses? Just when you think you've seen or heard everything!

HOUSE: How awful for that "contestant" to realized she caused the mans death and his dogs. You know she will be second guessing herself from now on. What is going to happen with ??? (crap-can't think of his name) being fired? Will he try to come back to House? What about HOUSE telling the dead guy that he was sorry to tell him that he was wrong..about anything being there after he dies. I disagree with HOUSE. Perhaps he didn't "see" anything because he doesn't believe.

DAMAGES: Two more episodes and we will have the whole story. If you have missed this, I suggest you get caught up. Really good!

Private Practice: SO Love this show. Last night was very interesting and we learned some interesting stuff about Pete. I won't ruin it for those that haven't watched but it sure explained alot. BTW, how much cake can those women eat before they get a break out? I would have looked like a FAT, SICK, teenager by day two!

Criminal Minds: Sorry Mandy, didn't miss ya. What would be your biggest fear? I would have given the guy tons of ways to kill me. Anything with a blade...drowning...heights....

I've probably left something out but you get the idea. Tonight we have all the great Thursday show..then FNL and the Friday stuff. BETTER not rain & screw up my shows again this week.

SIDE BAR....does anyone else have trouble with the FOX channel shows having voice "cut outs"? Every night about 9pm the shows on FOX start cutting out on the sound. It is REALLY pissing me off! I keep suggesting we put the "closed caption" on but DH doesn't like that so we miss half of what they are saying. Just wondering if it is only us???

BIG GAME this Saturday. Hoping for good weather..good game..good results.

What do you have planned? Anyone going to CKU? If so, stop my the Rusty Pickle booth and say hello to CAMI!!! HI GIRL! Miss ya!!

I'll try to check in before then so leave me a comment and don't forget to check out my cards in the previous post.

Til later..............


Jenn said...

I don't watch any of those shows that you mentioned, lol. Maybe I should try to get into at least one of them so I can get with the program.

I hope you have a good weekend. HOPEFULLY I will get caught up w/ school work. Its a BIG MESS right now!

Michele L from Tampa said...


sheri said...

Wait!!!! Who retired??????!!!!!!