Monday, October 15, 2007

What a weekend and the upcoming week

WOW. If you are a football fan and live in TAMPA BAY you had a great weekend. The BULLS are #2 in the NATION..not just in our hearts but the actual NATIONAL RANKINGS!! It is very exciting for the kids. My DS, his Dad and I were on campus Sunday for a KD event and it was so great to be around the kids and see their excitement. That was even before the rankings came out so I can't imagine what happened when that news broke.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching the BUCS and working on a Chipboard Word book I made for a friends little girl. She is having a 5th birthday party this Saturday and I got the bright idea to make her a book. I think it turned out good but I was second guessing myself about half way through. I'm going to show it off at work and see if I can get some orders. Now to figure out how much to charge. Considering the labor it's a hard thing to calculate. I know they were selling the blank books at the last EXPO I went to but considering I have to cut the chipboard by hand....what do you think?

I really wanted to take the day off but have Phone duty...oops..that reminds me I should be covering the girls break..gotta run.

Til later......................

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Cami said...

Did you get pics of that chipboard book? I wanna see it.

How amazing is it that USF is #2!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We are so excited about it...and we aren't even alumni!

I miss you my friend. I got your tag and will hopefully be updating my blog today. tried last night and it wouldn't let me. :(