Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another night of great TV

WOW, I feel like Sally Fields. You really do like me! I think I used that line before but it applies so I used it again. I whined and some of you responded..LOL. Thanks gals!

OK, raise your hand if you LOVE the new Private Practice show. It was even better this week than the first week. I'm really liking COOPER. I'm getting used to him being a goofball and not seeing him as the killer FBI agent from Prison Break. Last nights show was so good but so heartbreaking. I won't spoil it if you have it TIVO'd.

Criminal Minds was good and I liked how it ended. Didn't like the case it's self and I'm sure my sister was not happy to see her boy "Eddie" in that role. I was so over the violence that I couldn't stand to watch CSI-NY afterwards. Had to spread out my disturbance level or I'd never have gotten to sleep.

Speaking of VEGAS tonight. Can't wait to see what happens now that the secret romance is out. I've read things about the season that tick me off so it should be interesting to see how it plays out. I really hate all the spoilers that are printed. Yahoo has them as headlines so you can't get away from it sometimes. I don't want to know what is going to happen. Why bother showing the episode if everyone already knows what's gonna happen?


We are having a rash of bad things happening to the people at work. We had another person who lost a family member this week. Several others have family that are really sick with cancer or other issues. Someone jokingly said we need an exorcist. Not funny but it feels like a huge dark cloud is hanging over the building.

on a brighter DH is having a birthday in a couple weeks. Still need an idea for a great gift. Still working on some ideas but could use some fresh heads.

BTW, I now have 4 tickets to the USF/UCF football game so will be selling two of them. They are in the nose bleed section but that's all that is left. If you are interested email me privately. They are $50 for the pair. Game's at noon so bring sun screen.

((((Lisa D...Thanks for saying I'm as good as PW. While I KNOW that isn't true I appreciate that you are amused by my posts. It's all about my fans.....LOL!!!!!! ))))

Now I'm gonna go see what the rest of the blogging world is up to.

Til later......................


Anonymous said...

I am raising TWO hands 'cause I LOVE Private Practice! I just wish it were on Thursdays so I would remember to watch it...I only watch Greys (I know, weird...but I only watch one or two shows!)
Also, you are so every bit as good as PW, maybe in different ways, but still as good. You are so REAL, I always enjoy reading what you have to keep on talkin'!

Kip said...

I've only watched 3/4's of the Practice but love what I'm seeing so far. I agree on Criminal Minds too. Last night was hard to watch but I also love that show.
They were offering tickets to Sat's USF game to teachers in a special reserved section for $22 today. I can't go as I'll be in a Tim Holtz class but should be a great game.

Jenn said...

Hey good to see a post! I hope you figure out something great for Larry - I never ever know what to get Josh for his bday. His bday is Nov. 10th, so its fastly approaching. I sorta cheated this year & got him the cruise ((hehe I get to benefit too!))

Denise said...

Double hands up here... LOVE Private Practice... Last night's Greys... lovin' it as always... My DVR is so full with new shows and my oldies but goodies.. must catch up... hehe

I'm sure you'll come up with a great present for Larry...

Love ya!