Monday, October 29, 2007

Karate update and B-day gift pics

Guess that title says it all.
I wanted to share a couple pictures of my friend Jackie with the birthday gift I made her. I have her permission so you won't have to look at a blurry picture of her face. I used a paper mache flower pot-painted green, florist foam in the base, wooden dowels covered in floral tape for the
stems, stamped leaves, Flower heads from the vintage cards I got a few months ago, chipboard to attach the flowers to the stems & a stamped greeting. I used paper/crimped filler and stamped a flower pattern around the lip of the pot.
DS got the results of his test and he PASSED!!! He was so nervous he didn't want to go to class tonight. Now he is a Orange belt with a stripe (white stripe??). Anyway...thanks for all your support.

After staying up for Game 4, I'm tired. I made 10 Halloween treats for people at work and I'm done for the night.

Til later...................


Anonymous said...

LOVE the flowers Cheryl. You did a great job on them. Congratulations to your ds for passing his test...way to go!!!

Kip said...

That is a darling gift Cheryl and big congrats to your son!

Michele L from Tampa said...

way to go mikey! belts off to you lol! nice flowers sis

deirdre said...

the gift looks awesome!

congrats to michael for a great job done!