Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday has arrived

((Before I forget....the USF tickets are for the game NEXT weekend-the 13th- so it's not to late to jump on them.))

Now back to our regularly scheduled ramblings.......

Thursday TV:
Watched Life from the other night since we don't watch any of the 8pm shows (sorry for the Office & Earl fans). It's an interesting show, alittle qwarkie but then ..look at it's audience. Watched CSI-Vegas..Grissom is so cute when he lets his hair down. What was up with that "look" Sara had on her face at the end? More of the hint of things to come? Darn it!!! BTW, anyone that watches Myth Busters already knew that a tire blow out is forceful enough to decapitate a person unfortunate enough to be behind the vehicle when it blows.

Ain't educational TV the best?!!

ER was good. Side bar..I discovered that when you watch it with your head sideways it makes it look even more scary. Try it. LOL. Who likes Sam as a brunette? Hope her Cop works out.

Tonight is a huge night with FNL back..officially..I was confused about it starting last week. We haven't had a chance to watch the GHOST Whisperer from last week so I'm not sure if we need to wait to watch tonight's or if it can be seen out of order. Man my life is complicated!

Spent last night "reorganizing" my acylic stamps AGAIN. I had put them into those "document" boxes from Target but I found it was difficult to find what I wanted. I decided to transfer them to CD holders by categories and got through one package of 10 (CD holders not document boxes-confused??) before it was time to go to bed. I'm still working on finding a good system to hold the holders so that they all fit and it can be transported easily. Again, my life is so complicated!!

MUST make a wedding card and those two birthday cards this weekend. Glad I already made about 15 Halloween cards since the month is getting away from me already. I also have about 15+ Thanksgiving cards & as many or more Christmas cards done but I digress.

Til later............................


Jenn said...

I like Sam's new hair color!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to share the cards you've made, Cheryl!!!