Sunday, October 7, 2007

Surfing instead of working

I came on here for a quick minute to research "Boy" themed birthday cards. I MUST, repeat MUST make those two cards today. I thought I'd look through some sites for ideas and I couldn't come on with out saying hello..could I?

The wedding yesterday was interesting. I grew up with these people but haven't seen most of them since getting married (the 1st time you goof balls) and moving out of the neighborhood. We come together for Funerals, Weddings, retirement parties ..etc. My mom still lives in the same house in the same neighborhood so she is still more connected to the old gang than I am. It was frightening to have people coming up to me during the "reception" and calling me by name. Especially since most of the time I had no clue who they were. It really is a pain to have such a bad memory of people & names.

Anywho...the wedding was in their family church and it was packed. She had 7 or 8 sets of attendants and as we were waiting for the ceremony to start we were trying to figure out which guy wandering around in a tux was the groom. Since the bride still looks really young and I have a hard time wrapping my head around the "gang" being ADULTS I kept guessing the "young" men we saw. It was very distressing when a GROWN MAN walked out with the preacher. I mean a GROWN UP..Looks like a Grown up..MAN. Good grief it was hard to realize we are actually old enough to be marrying people that look like our fathers. ARG!!! We got a bit of gossip from one of the relatives at the "reception" and discovered that the groom had four children from a previous marriage so not only did she marry an OLD MAN..she is now the step mother of 4 grown people. WOW. BTW, I keep putting "reception" in quotes because we discovered that apparently people of the Baptist faith have no dancing at their receptions and they have NO FOOD.

Before I go on, let me say that I have nothing against people of the Baptist faith. I in fact went to a Baptist run Kindergarten and a Baptist church for many years myself. I'm just making an observation. I didn't miss the dancing as I wouldn't have done any ..anyway but I really missed the food. I had not eaten anything before leaving the house and was very grateful I had grabbed a package of crackers to eat during the ride to South BFE. The only thing they served was wedding cake & punch. Nice but my tummy was hoping for FOOD!

Speaking of cake, the bride had the misfortune to break her RING finger on her left hand the night before the wedding making a cake. Not the best timing and it wasn't even the cake they served at the "reception".

Well, that's enough about that...aren't you glad you tuned in??

I haven't read or heard about yesterdays crop so not sure if they got anything done. I saw my sisters completed projects from the Tim Holtz classes. They were interesting but I was surprised that they didn't receive any free products. For what they paid for the classes they should have at least given them a free ink pad or something but that's just my opinion.

LisaD, I promise to get those cards posted but if I don't get the birthday cards done today I will disappoint a lady I work with and that would be bad. How about if I share another picture from the Zoo trip??

"kissing". What could be sweeter than that?

Til later.....................


Anonymous said...

Cute photo indeed! Thanks Cheryl!
Man, I gotta say I wouldn't be enjoying a wedding without any food! The dancing I could do without. But food? No way! ;)

deirdre said...

cheryl, you were missed at the crop! i sat in the seat you were in last time for your memory:) he he.

on the wedding note, yeah so would have missed the food! UGH!

Jenn said...

Ha! I got a "Footloose" flashback. I am Baptist and guess what, I did not know that we didn't dance or eat at receptions. Wow! There is a wedding on the 20th at our church, its the pastor's daughter. I guess I'll eat before hand! Although, we are Southern Baptist and I think the "Southern" part means, Old Country Home Cooking! So, I'll let you know! LOL