Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm over myself

My mom said I needed to get over myself. She can tell you that I don't always listen to her but when my whining brings TN out of lurking.....I have to get back to posting!!!

Now I have pressure to come up with something interesting. ARG.

TV has been good this week. Damages ended and we were more confused than before the episode aired. The fact that the show kept "hiccuping" didn't help. It kept skipping ahead 20 seconds and we'd miss important pieces of information. I'm not sure if it will be back next season but if it is I recommend you jump on board. Glenn Close is "EVIL"!!!!

Didn't watch ER last night so don't spoil it for me. The previews looked heart wrenching so we will probably catch it tonight.

Watched GREYS last night since CSI Vegas was a rerun (guess they don't want to compete with the World Series). It was ok (the guy cutting his foot off....EWWWWW) but I still can't get on board the George/Izzy relationship. Sorry. I'm really more in love with the Private Practice show. I really like the characters and even if you didn't like Addison on'll like her on PP.

Friday night shows tonight. Ghost Whisperer looks scary. I may have to sleep with a light on.

DS has his Karate test tomorrow. Two nerve wracking hours for the parents. Quick story..last week the boy was sparing a grown man because the rest of the kids were so much younger than him. (DS not the man) Anyway..he got hurt but after a short up and sparred him again. I was so proud. Hopefully he'll take that memory and use it tomorrow. Stand your ground and don't let fear get a hold of you. (sorry if this is a repeat-I can't remember if I told you already and frankly I'm to lazy to go check the previous posts. )

Well, this isn't an exciting post but at least I'm not whining. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Going to try and make something for a friends birthday. She needs cheering up so hope it turns out good. I also want to start on a card that I have in my head. Can't wait to see if it translates to "real life".

RED SOX are up 2!! Go Bulls...Go Bucs....

Till later....................


Kip said...

Your mom is right!

Private Practice...I like it, but don't love it. Hoping it will come together a little more for me as I like all the characters for sure.

I didn't see ER either but it is a great show as you said.

Michele L from Tampa said...

you know your past your 10 now since then lol.

love ya