Friday, May 16, 2008

Time to pack


It is 9am and I want to leave by noon. Hmmm. Guess I should get my crap together. No fear. Once I start it takes me a short time. I got as far as pulling things out. I didn't get them put into anything but I have piles.

Not all my fault.

My friend and new neighbor, N, came down last night to bring us an official baby announcement. We discussed new motherhood, our neighbor who is apparently a victim of a down turn in circumstances, this weekends trip that she wants to go on but it's to late, and several other items of vital importance before dragging some boxes down to her garage. How could I pack during that? LOL. Actually, I was reading the newspaper when she arrived so it wasn't like she dragged me away from my appointed rounds.

Good grief, now it is almost 9:30.

Leave me alone.

I have things to do.

See ya Sunday.

Til later..........

1 comment:

Michele L from Tampa said...

I would say have fun but I know you will. Talk to ya Sunday