Friday, May 23, 2008

Doing the happy dance

I found and have watched SEVERAL times, the final moments of AI. I LOVED IT!! It's probably a good thing I didn't see it live last night cause I would have been crying like a little girl. It was great. I loved the way DC kept including DA (and the rest of the gang) in his big moment. LOVED his brother in the audience mouthing, "That's my Brother". I actually downloaded the "Time of my life" song from Itunes and was really bummed I couldn't down load any of the older songs.

I know Ryan kept telling us they would only be available until a certain date.

What is your point?

So Greys Fans?????? What did you think? I had already read about the "SHOCKING KISS" so wasn't really surprised. Not sure how that will play out. Call me stuffy but my favorite moment was when the Chief "Bowed up" and TOLD his wife he was coming home. I'm a sucker for "Old love". LOL.

Tried to watch the season finale of CSI-Vegas on the computer last night and it kept going back to the beginning after the first 5-8 minutes. I was clicking the FULL Episode so I don't understand why I couldn't get it to play. Can someone that watches "TV" on the computer explain it to me?

We have alot of stuff to catch up on this weekend with our TV watching. That is the big plan. I'd love to try and see a Movie but that will depend on several things.

Several of my friends are driving up to Ocala to take advantage of a sale. LOL. One of their husbands suggested the cost of gas made that a silly plan. What does he know? I'm not going as I didn't even buy much when we were at the store last weekend. 40% off would be great but I REALLY do not need anything.

But sleep.


WELCOME to the newest SY baby. Hey little J. Super cool name. Can't wait to meet you. Hi MOM. Get plenty of rest while you can.

Hope everyone has a great & safe weekend.

Til later................


Jenn(ifer) said...

I was So happy that DC won, but in a weird way I wished he hadn't. I think he could have a better career without being the "American Idol". I may be wrong, but we'll see.

Stacy said...

Big Grey's fan here! I am getting ready to listen to the podcast about the episode during nap time. Do you subscribe to it?