Friday, May 9, 2008

What a week, TGIF times ten

Some weeks are so long and boring and then there is this week....Good grief!

No test results yet.

Not surprised by the AI results. Gotta love Jason Castro's spirit. Gonna miss the John Travolta love child look alike. Hard to believe we are down to the final three. Gonna get good!!!

My co-worker was in an car accident yesterday morning. No one can convince me that it wasn't partly caused by how freaked out she is by the news from Tuesday. She is one of the remaining two nurses and is already so over worked she can't see straight. Thankfully, the only thing that may be badly damaged is her car. She refused to go to the hospital but went to a doctor who checked her out and said she seems ok. Her air bags did not deploy so I expect she is plenty sore today. I told her yesterday NOT to come back to work until at least next Tuesday. She is the kind of worker that would have driven straight from the doctors office to work and stayed late to make up the time she missed due to the accident. She never takes lunch and refuses to leave early when she has a right to. **speaking of, one of the two nurses that are leaving us accepted a position already and will be gone at the end of the month. I'm not happy with all the changes as we are a really great group and get along so well. It's going to be hard to bring in new people and especially if it turns out to be THREE new people. ARG!!!****

Great news on the Tricia blog. WOW. If you haven't been there in awhile, go check it out.

Didn't watch Greys last night as we wanted to see the "Special" episode of CSI-Vegas that was written by the writers of Two and a Half Men. DH thought it was lame and a waste of our show but I enjoyed it. I guess I went into it knowing it was going to be silly and it was. Watched LOST afterwards and it was another "WHAT the heck?" episode.

Talked to my neighbor last night that has been having mysterious symptoms for many months. It has caused him to slur so bad you can't understand him. He's lost weight because he can't swallow. They have been testing him for ALS and some other things. Recently they started a new treatment and he has been responding. They still do not know for sure what he has but his speech is clearer and he is able to eat again. Good things as his shorts were falling off, even with a belt. His wife is cautiously optimistic.

Still no idea what we will be doing on Sunday. Haven't heard from my DD. She apparently has been working some long shifts at her new job. Spoke to my Mom yesterday and she said they have no plans either. I suggested us moms take ourselves out to the movies or something. I finally told DH that I'd like a GC for Hobby Lobby. The closest one is in Ocala but its part of our annual Road Trip while we are at the SY retreat. Since that is next weekend, I figured that was a good thing to ask for.

Looks like my last BIG SLAH order will be delivered today and tomorrow. I split it in two so the Hostess wasn't overwhelmed. She is still getting three HUGE boxes. I need to get with her as I ordered some Customer specials for my co-workers off her party. Maybe I'll make a road trip to her house tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll sleep all day!

What ever you do, be safe, love your family.....

Til later.......................

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Michele L from Tampa said...

hope baxters daddy gets better soon, hope the meds continue to work