Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One year anniversary at work

Today marks one year since I was hired to be the administrative assistant for my team. There will be no fan-fair as we just celebrated AA day, most of our team is out of the office and we got some sobering news yesterday so no one feels like celebrating. We found out that thanks to our fabulous brain trusts that figure out budgets, we will probably loose two of our remaining four nurses by the end of June. They do not want to leave but their contracts were not renewed (actually I think they can stay if they agree to take the position with NO benefits). We are already short a nurse so it was a real shock not to mention how much we love the two ladies in question. Poop!

AI last night. Oh my. What a "interesting" evening. Can't wait to see what America has decided.

Follow up with my Cardiologist this morning. My BP was still alittle high yesterday but it was right before my Dermatologist appointment and I was a bit anxious. I've been on my water pills for over a week so am curious to see if it is helping. I should also get the results of my test from last Friday. Fun, FUN!!

How you doing??? What's happening?? Several of my Peeps are neglecting their Blogs. UPDATE!!! Have you thought about Sunday yet? If you have a mom to honor, what are you doing? I've been asked what I want and can't decide. Sleep for 24 hours?? Sounds good to me. My DD has a new job (in addition to the one she already has) and may have to work. My DS is at his Dad's and I was counting on her to bring him home on Sunday. Guess we'll see what happens. Mailed a box to my MIL yesterday so I'm at least half way ahead of the game of honoring my moms.

Til later....................

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl, I can't believe it's been a year already! It seems like you just started within the last few months.
I have no plans for Mothers Day, which suits me fine! Actually, I'll have my parents over...and I also have my nieces staying the weeknd. But we're planning a weekend by the pool, so life is good! Wishing you a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!