Friday, May 30, 2008

Winding down & ramping up

Another LONG, short week at work. Looking forward to tonight and a gathering of friends for some scraping & chatting.

LOST season finale did not disappoint. It actually ANSWERED some questions or at least helped put some time lines together. Really good but the Kipster hasn't seen the end so I can't spill any beans. We fought to stay awake and made it...barely.

SL@H Party tomorrow night. Looking forward to that. The rest of the weekend is wide open. May bake some cookies from the fundraiser cookie dough I got suckered into buying.

My Sister & her DS are in Georgia visiting our favorite niece and her boys. BIG birthday celebration this weekend. Wish I could have gone. Really looking forward to pictures as the boys are always so adorable.

Had a visit from N and her sweet little boy. My DS actually asked to hold him and I wish I had taken a picture. So cute. Looking forward to meeting the newest SY baby one day soon. ya doing girl?? Hang in there.

Not alot to say. Need to run out and claim my DS's Karate gear from his Dads house. Need to go to the bank. Good times!

Til later...............


cari k. said...

Hey! I think that cookie dough may be from me;)

Kip said...

I was reading this and went uh ho and started to close out when I saw you didn't spoil it for me, THANKS!!! Have fun tonight!