Sunday, May 4, 2008

It only took five months

but the garage is cleaned up. Would have been done sooner if my DD had helped me when she was supposed to..(Love ya J)....but it is done. We decided we wouldn't put the truck inside but you almost could if you wanted to. There are several large boxes of trash that are taking up room but they will be gone Wed. I also cleaned up the dining area and brought in the desk I bought about a month ago. I put it into the dining area as a desk and put two of my rolling storage units under it and filled them with scrap/card making stuff. Now I can use it as a desk for my business..craft table..and if needed a dining table.

I didn't get any scraping done. I have about 10 cards I need to make and get mailed. Maybe tomorrow.

Almost time for Desperate Housewife's so gonna run.

Til later....................

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