Friday, May 2, 2008

May is here and so is the weekend

I know May officially started yesterday. I didn't post. Sorry. I was busy. Doing busy work. Or recovering from the "scrapbook". Maybe I was just recovering from AI and all the other craziness of the week.

What ever.

I'm back!

May 1st brought a new month and with it new specials for my SLaH Hostesses & Customers. I've had a flyer showing the May Specials on my website for a month but then they went and shook things up. If you are on my SLaH newsletter mailing list, you will get the news in a couple of days. If you are like me and can't stand to wait, check out this. WOWSER!!!!! I wish I was a May Hostess! Maybe I will be, just to get the specials. I have some days available so contact me ASAP as these are to great to miss.

I have my MRI this afternoon and I'm in the process of fasting. UGH. I got busy and didn't eat much before my cut off time of 10am so now I'm starving. Well, I feel like I'm starving. I could live off my "rear" for a year so I'm sure I won't die before 3pm but it feels like I could. I'll let you know when I get my results. I've been taking my Water Pill for almost a week and it is definitely making my trips to the restroom much more frequent. If I'd drink more water we might get a little weight loss out of this. I've been feeling less stress too so maybe my BP is down. I haven't checked at all this week so I'm not sure what the reading might be. I figured they would take my pressure at the appointment so I'll wait and see.

Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day. I am not officially taking part in any events but may clear a path and make a page or two. Or I may watch TV and movies with my DH.

The boy is going to be with his dad Saturday afternoon & night as they have family in town for a college graduation. Seems alittle strange not being able to see the family and take part in the festivities but I guess I'm technically NOT family anymore. I asked my DD to wish her cousin, congrats and tell her grandparents I said hello. Hopefully she will. I still have fond feelings for the family. They never did anything wrong and were very supportive after the Divorce. Right up until I apparently (in their minds) lost my mind and hooked back up with my HSS. They haven't really spoken to me since. Understandable. I just hope they can see how much happier my DS is and what a "cooler" kid he is after 3+ years with my DH in his life.

Anyway, what are your plans?

I have a Southern Living at Home party after work tonight. I emailed the new Hostess specials to her yesterday so I hope she is excited. I'd LOVE for her to earn all the FREE stuff they added to the months offerings. The customer specials are pretty super too so maybe that will help increase her sales.

Hope everyone has a great weekend & safe travels if you are going anywhere to celebrate NSD. I'll try and check back in but can't swear to it. If the weather holds, we are cleaning out the garage on Sunday after the boy returns from his Dad's. FUN!!!

Til later.............

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they still love you mommy... :)