Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday Wishes and the rest of the weekend

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TC in Georgia. He is the oldest of my niece's boys and a wonderful kid. Hopefully he'll get my card & gift today. (Sorry-Jenna. I didn't make his card...oops. I figured he'd rather get it on time than wait for me to get my act together)

Saturday night several of the "famous" ScrapYard gals got together to give one of our own a Surprise 30th Birthday dinner at a local restaurant. I thought I'd be clever and park my car somewhere else so she wouldn't see it and drive over with another friend. (Hi D!!). What started as a great idea sort of turned into a typical bumbling as we tried to round up a couple more gals to join us at the "off site" location. We got word from one of the gals that she had gone by the restaurant and discovered just because you have reservations for 7:15, that doesn't mean you will get seated by then. We hauled it over to the restaurant and for the next 15 minutes implored the manager to get us seated before the Birthday Girl arrived or there would be hell to pay from the planner of the party (HI CK!!!) He finally had to put us back by the bathrooms until they could get our table ready and we were in our seats for less than 10 minutes before the Birthday girl arrived. HI CAMI!!!!!!!!! She was so surprised when they finally walked in and she saw a full table instead of the table for two she expected. We had a fabulous server, Tyler, and we ate and talked for several hours. When we finally left the restaurant we ended up standing in the parking lot talking for at least another hour. Finally we decided to go to the local Starbucks to continue talking.

D & I got there first and saw a sign out front that said, "Open 24 Hours". Sweet! We called the other gals and told them and waited for them to arrive. They finally did, about 30 minutes later. They ended up staying and talking to one of the gals that wasn't going to come to Starbucks. She is getting ready to move to Alabama because of several unfortunate sets of circumstances. We are really going to miss her! ( HI M!! Keep in touch).

Anyway, we sat and talked for awhile and finally decided to go outside to sit as it was a nice night and the chairs looked more comfortable. We'd been sitting there for alittle while when the "baristia" (is that right??) came to the front door and started LOCKING IT!. Locking a door that is right next to the BIG A** Green Neon sign that says, "OPEN 24 Hours".


She asked us if we needed anything before she locked up and we questioned the locking with the sign stating Open 24 hours. Before she could say anything, the smart butt in me quoted the old joke...."they are open 24 hours, just NOT IN A ROW.". She explained the drive thru was open but the lobby closed at midnight.

Hmmmmm. Perhaps the sign should say that???

We ended up sitting there for awhile longer and enjoyed watching all the people walk up and try to open the front door. It reminded us of AI when the contestants tried to leave the audition room and most of the time got fooled by the wrong door. We were nice enough to advise them that the Drive thru was still open.

We finally realized that we are old and there is not really anything to do at 12:30pm in North Tampa so we headed to our cars. Since mine was still at another site and had stuff in it for the Birthday girl, they followed us. We had a run in with a CRAZED parking lot sweeper man but managed to get in our cars and on our way without real incident. I got home about 1am. WOW. What a night.

One of our party gals is expecting her baby soon and really wanted to have him on Mother's Day. I haven't heard anything so I guess it didn't work. Sorry, D...did you try Taco Bell??

Big Phone duty day so I guess I'll get some stuff done before my first shift.

Til later.................................


Jenn(ifer) said...

:) He'll be happy to get mail. He loves mail. LoL

Kip said...

Sounds like Cam had a nice birthday!

Jenn(ifer) said...

He got his mail and was very excited about the GC! he says THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night out with the girls. Wish I lived closer so I could've gone and celebrated Cami's bday too!

Stacy said...

Sounds like you had fun Saturday night. I should've known you all would be out so late. Have a great day!