Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday again

Man I HATE not being able to update while at work. How rude that they won't let me waste state time. LOL. My mother suggested I get up earlier and post in the morning like most bloggers do. Sorry, I barely can get out of bed early enough to take a shower, get dressed and get in the car by the time I need to, to get to work on time. Seems like my nights are really busy now too and I'm not getting done nearly as much as I need to already. Thanks for hanging in there with me, I'll try harder.

My mind is mush right now so I won't try and fill in the missing about I just share my shopping trip with DS today. Bealls was having a sale where when you buy a clearance item, you would get the second clearance item (of similar value) for only $1. Since DS and I both needed jeans we headed out after I went junking this morning. Approximately 4 hours later we finally left the store with 2 huge bags plus another one that held a pair of new tennis shoes for the boy. The shoes weren't on clearance but since he hung in there for four hours at the same store he got rewarded with a pair of non-clearance shoes. They were on sale at least. We ended up SAVING $464. We got:

The boy got:
2 pair of jeans
5 cool shirts
4 sweatshirt style "jackets"
His tennis shoes

DH got:
Bucs Golf/Polo shirt
Bulls Golf/Polo shirt
Rays-t shirt
Nike T-shirt

3 pairs Jeans
2 Tumblers w/lids

I had also bribed the boy with an A & W root beer float after the shopping trip since I have coupons. We drove across the parking lot to the restaurant and the cashier told us NO ICE CREAM today. What??? Thankfully there is a Sonic right next door so we hit the $1 menu for a mini sundae and a half price Slushie. Yum!

Now we've had a good dinner of Spaghetti with meatballs and are settled in to watch Nascar.

How was your week?

Til later............