Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Clean car

it's a beautiful thing. Actually it's not clean by most peoples standards but if you've ever been in my car, it's spotless compared to usually. Well, it's not spotless but you can sit on the seats without having to shove newspapers or coupons out of the way. The very back doesn't have 100 lbs of bundled newspapers stacked up to the roof. It has some wooden boxes I picked up yesterday for my friend J. I have some Fall Southern Living at home catalogs that I'm going to give out or leave in office lobby's to advertise back there but they are neatly contained instead of spread every where.

I was going to have the boy help me and even wash the outside but he isn't feeling well and is also running a bit of a fever. He complained of not feeling well yesterday while we were shopping but I thought it was just his way of trying to get out of it. Guess not as he started feeling bad after we got home. We've been giving him medicine (seriously-do you have any idea how many bottles of medicine I have from all my shopping/deals?) and he even slept for a couple hours earlier this afternoon.

While I was cleaning out the car I took pictures of things I want list on Ebay. My auctions from last week are ending and since I haven't received any emails I'm assuming they did not sell. Hopefully the next group will do better. I also need to check my Paypal account to be sure it's working correctly and to see if I got my $$ from the Secret Shopper thing I did last month. I didn't tell you about that? Hey, it was a secret. LOL.

til later.........

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Kip said...

anyone home, anyone blogging? hello?