Sunday, March 1, 2009

Only on Sunday

Maybe that's what I should rename my Blog. Yes, Michele & Kip...I know you are tired of the Clean Car post. If you have ever ridden in my car you would appreciate how important that fact is to some people. No matter...I have been asked and begged and teased into posting so here I am. I'm supposed to be doing my taxes but if you don't tell my DH...

Another week gone.

Another month in fact.

Wow. In a few days it will be another YEAR gone.

No. We haven't sped to the end of December. I'm talking about my 2nd wedding anniversary. WOW.

Before I get ahead of myself, lets review the week. Hmmmmm, maybe that is what I should re-name the blog. "A week in review". What do you think? Just post more often? Easy for you to say. Some of you still have blog access at your jobs, or you are SAHM's or you have more than 24 hours in a day. Or you just manage your time better. What ev.........

So, Monday. I know I was busy but can't remember why. Anyone?? I did find out that the oldest sister of my oldest friend died ..well, I've know her the longest...actually she is 2 months older than me...hmmm...see why I can't post more often. My brain farts take to much time.

Tuesday night I went to the memorial celebration of my affore (???) mentioned friends sister. It was interesting to see all her relatives that I haven't seen in YEARS. I used to take my kids to my friends house for cookouts and pool parties and knew her sisters/family from those gatherings. It was a trip to see all the kids I knew as little kids that now have grown kids of their own. The family put together a slide show and I got the chance to watch it with my childhood friend. We laughed over the awful 70's hair. I almost was in one of the pictures as it was of my friends wedding. I was a bridesmaid but the picture they used was of the "Family".

Wed. night I went to a networking meeting/dinner. It was "catered" by the hosts son-in-law. The food was very good. If you know anyone that needs a caterer, give me a buzz and I'll hook you up. I had to leave the meeting early because I'm involved in a "Leadership" building group that has conference calls every Wed. night. After looking at my sales this month they may decide to kick me out of the group!

Thursday & Friday nights are Karate nights with the boy.

(BTW, the boy is feeling much better and has gotten over his "Shopping marathon" illness.)

Saturday (yesterday) I got up bright and early to hit the local church Yard Sale. It wasn't as good as last years but I still scored a few treasures. I left the church sale and Yard Saled and Thrift stored my way to West Tampa to meet up with my friends & sister at a crop they were attending. The hostess of the crop allowed me to pass out flyers about the ALL YOU magazine and I have offered to donate $2 per subscription to her fundraiser. There were a few faces missing as they had other things to do but I did run into a fellow "Home based business" friend of mine. I'd forgotten we discussed Scrappin the first time we met.

Speaking of friends, two of mine had Birthday days this week. HI NIC!!! Hope your toe gets getter soon. HI CARI...Hope you had fun with the mouse. Missed both of you at the crop. It's been way to long.

Before I forget...CONGRATS to my DD, J for running in her first Gasparilla yesterday. Haven't heard the entire tale but she did it in a commendable time of 31 mins (I think..I could barely hear her when she told me). Brings back fond memories of when I was a runner. I did the Gasparilla race at least once. Man, that was a LONG time ago...many, many pounds...I mean years ago.

Speaking of way to long...I really must get to work on the Taxes so will sign off now.

Til later.....................

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I remember seeing you run when I was little...Grandma took me once :)

Good to hear from you. I post early in the a.m. b/c I have some time before work...that's about the only way I get to since the rest of my day is super busy.