Friday, March 6, 2009

We thought the day would never come

but the boy had a "Play date" today. Well, I guess at almost 14 it really can't be called a play date. He went over to a boy's house that he goes to school with. He lives one street away and so the boy rode his bike over. He checked in several times and came home when the family was ready for dinner. Not only did they play video games (hopefully he didn't yell and scream like he does at home) he said they played baseball in the kids back yard.

WOW. It would be so great if he finally has made a real friend. It sounds like the kid is smart, as he is in the boys Algebra class and he is in 7th grade. Cool.

My sister is leaving tomorrow on a cruise with her HT friends. She got her haircut today. Looks really cute. You can check out her blog for a picture. They also finally announced that she had made "Employee of the Year". It's about time. She's know for about 2 months. She gets to go to a Spa in AZ in April. Good for her. It is long over due!!

Did you see the rocket go up tonight? A Kepler rocket that will be taking "digital pics" of "ET's home. It was a much smaller flame than the Shuttles usually have but it was really bright. The clear sky made for a great view. Love living where it is dark enough to see these things.

Finally watching 24 from this week. Jack really needs my help so better run. Hope you have a great weekend. I got my new stamps from my sis and hope to get quite a few cards made to take to a vendor event I'm doing next week.

Oh, Sunday is a very special day. It's my beloved MIL's Birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary. Not sure what we are doing,maybe just dinner as we have the boy with us. No matter. We are together and that is all that matters to us.

Til later............

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