Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting better, kind of

I finally started feeling somewhat human on Sunday. I even managed to leave the bed and move out to the couch. I even went to the grocery store. Others that have been sick ended up going to the doctors but I never went. Between the round the clock care my DH gave me, tons of meds I had thanks to my couponing freebies and my Sinus irrigation system, I bi-passed the medical route.

BTW, I won't get graphic but if you haven't heard of or tried a "Nettie Pot" or Sinus irrigation system, you should run to your local drug store and buy one. I've had mine for at least 6 months and it had never been out of the box. Early in my illness last week, I read the box again and decided it was worth a try. How much worse could I feel? I did it several times a day for three days and it really helped clear out the gunk. I really believe it kept it from getting worse. Don't get me wrong, I felt like crap but really think it would have been worse had the sinus stuff been allowed to "grow".

Back to work on Monday-ARG. Tons of stuff waiting for me.

Day long meetings and a luncheon yesterday-tons o-crap still needing to be done.

Went to the Orthopedic doctor this morning as my left shoulder is still killing me. Got a shot and he decided to send me for an MRI. Have an appointment next week. Will be curious to see what that shows. A co-worker said she had the same thing and was told it was a "pre-Menopausal" thing. Gee =swell! Another co-worker suggested I get a pad for my bed and new pillows to relieve the pressure from the hard mattress. Claims that stopped her shoulder pain. I need new pillows so may try that anyway.

My sleep study is also scheduled for next week. Found out the facility doesn't have a shower so they will wake me up at 5am to go home and shower before work. Joy. I think I'll drop by my daughters apartment since it is closer and use hers. I figure she will probably just be rolling in at that time so will be up. LOL.

Speaking of the DD, I got a visit from her today. I was feeling bad that I hadn't seen her in several weeks when I found out about a co-worker who's daughter had flown in to see her for her birthday-today- and they hadn't seen each other in 5 years. ARG!!! Had a nice visit with DD and she was wearing the running shoes I'd gotten her to replace the Christmas shoes. SWEET! Glad she really does like them and is using them.

Now that I'm "on the mend", my DH is sick. Poor baby. He looks like the Godfather. Swollen glands, puffy eyes...poor baby is a mess. He called the Dr. today and was told to let it run it's course unless it's still there Friday. We need to air out the house and get rid of the germs we're all sharing. ENOUGH already.

So, how you doing?

AI tonight.

til later...............


Kip said...

I went to the Dr. and still had it for a week. Love my netti pot too!

Jenn(ifer) said...

aw, sorry you've all felt bad. **HUGS** Feel better soon. I'll be down in 2 weeks :)

Nicole said...

RU coming to the crop @ Cami's Saturday. Need to know whether to stop by BJ's for a case of Lysol. LOL. Hope Hubby feels better soon