Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Enabling-Photo processing

Didn't I say I was going to start a product review & an enabling day?

I forgot.

I was debating about posting today because it's Wednesday, I'm sleepy & no one on AI was really awful last night. Well, come to think about it, there were a few "low-lights" but I'm to sleepy to remember details.

House was back!!! My DH was curious as to why they aired a "Christmas" episode if they already had it in the can? Why not air it in December? He also said he is loosing his sympathy for the "Writers" since they are directly impacting HIM now..Get back to work please.

What was I going to talk about?

Oh yeah.

Product reviews/Enabling.


Did I mention I'm sleepy?

So, anyway...I found the following on one of my scrap sites and wanted to share. If you do alot (or any) of photo processing you are probably always looking for the best deal. There is a website called PrintRates that lets you compare different photo printing site prices and shipping costs, and it has a section with recent coupon codes for the printing sites. I haven't gone through the site yet so "Buyer beware". THANKS to my SY pal for sharing.

I have another important announcement but I may wait until tomorrow to share.

It will depend on whether I have something more exciting to write about or not. My DS is learning to sew today in school. That should be good for a post. Trying to pull together the items he needed, with 12 hours notice, was fun. Good thing the boy has a crafty mother & one that NEVER throws anything away & that can FIND the stuff when needed.

Go me!

Til later...................

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Jenn said...

Good Grief! Everyone is going to know how to sew but me!!!