Saturday, January 19, 2008

Very Lazy Day

I awoke to more dreary weather, I stayed in bed and caught up on a little TV and then went out for a bit of yard saleing. Not many people were set up due to the weather but I found a couple things. I went to my favorite church thrift store and they were selling everything 50% off. Picked up a couple things to re purpose for storage.

Hit the bread store and picked up more of the cookies my DH flipped over last week. They don't carry them all the time so I told him he will have to make them last.

Came back and have been catching up on more of my taped shows; Jon & Kate, Carol Duval Christmas craft shows (yet..alittle behind)And now I'm working on my Oprahs.

I hope you've all taken a moment to pray for Tricia & Gwen and all the other families in need today. I got a nice email from one of the fellow crafters I contacted. She asked a great question and after some research I got the answer: APRIL is Organ Donation Awareness month. We can't wait till then to make a difference but I was glad to see things we can do to bring extra awareness that month.

Good thing I have an extra day off so I may get something done. I did get my PTI stamps and my photo's so I have plenty I can work on. Maybe later.

Till later..................


Lisa D:) said...

I love watching Jon and Kate!!!

Jenn said...

Jon & Kate is my favorite!!! I never miss it and even enjoy the re-runs.
Thanks, now I want cookdies too :)