Monday, January 28, 2008

The big "O"

It's OPRAH day!!

What were you thinking?

A friend of mine at work got tickets to the Oprah show and it airs today. She didn't win anything, it's about the new Martin Lawrence movie, but she had a blast! We are hoping to get to watch it on the BIG TV in our conference room. I have it set to tape at home too so I can replay it if we see her. Another friend was so excited/jealous about the Oprah show, she called and was SHOCKED when they had a few tickets for next week. She will be there on Tuesday. No idea yet what her show is about. Another friend emailed and is trying to get tickets for next week too. Apparently if they have openings and you can fly up at the last minute, your chances of getting "in" are better than normal.

How was your weekend? I had fun with my SY peeps on Saturday. First we had a Southern Living party (BTW...I'm having a BOOK party so if you are interested go here and let me know what you want) then we scrapped the night away. I only got 5 cards and one Valentines gift done but it was a ton of fun. We always have a great time together. We had a newbie with us and hopefully she will be back again...HI Stacy !!!!!

I found the greatest bargain on Saturday. I didn't remember to take a picture so I'll borrow one from the website...well, maybe not. I've been looking for over 5 minutes and can't find a picture. ?? ANYWAY, I found the white Cropper Hopper Storage unit-CUBE. It's the one that holds the plastic paper holders, etc. You can pair it with the other Cropper Hopper Storage units for your scraproom. There is a place near me that is kind of like where things go after Big Lots can't sell them. Really kind of a rough place but they have some stuff at crazy cheap prices. I stopped in Saturday morning and they had a pallet of those for less than $5 each. CRAZY-$25+ value. I called and got some orders from some local gals and took them to them at the crop Saturday. I'm thinking about getting some more to sell at the Scrapbook yard sales I'm getting ready to do. Anyone interested?

Speaking of the yard sales, my buddy Denise was teasing me because I said I hadn't started pulling & pricing stuff. The first one is still several weeks away. I decided maybe she had a point and started last night. I pulled down my STICKER Stash (remember stickers??) and pulled out all the ones that I know I'll NEVER use. I made up "Grab bags". I wrote on the outside what's inside so they aren't true Grab Bags. They will be marked cheap and at least the people can't be to disappointed since they are labeled.

Did you vote already? Guess I better get up and out early tomorrow.

FROST & ICE on my windshield this morning. Since we were running late and I couldn't find my "Ice scrapping credit card" I ended up driving to the bus stop with my head hanging out of the car window. I'm sure any neighbors that saw that were amused. By the time we got to the end of the road the defroster was working and the windsheild cleared alittle. When DS got out of the car I found my "card" on the floor and scraped off the rest of the ice. There was frost on the ground most of the way to work. BRRRRRRRRRRR.

Hoping to start reading " The Pillars of the Earth" soon. Oprah book selection that I bought for my friend for "Secret Santa". 971 pages. She finished it and gave it to me to read. Said it was really good. Anyone else read it yet?

Now that we have come full circle back to Oprah it must be time to sign off. Have a great Monday.

Til later......................

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Jenn said...

I am not reading that book, but I am reading "PS I Love You" and just to let you know, its much different then the movie.

I'll be voting in the GA Primary on Feb. 5th :)