Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another celebration

Today is another big day in the family. It is my "In-Laws" Anniversary.
(I'm not sure which one it is but am sure it is over 50 since TWO of their children are 50+-YIKES!! Actually I still think of us all as MUCH younger so I don't want to know the actual number. It will make me accept the fact we aren't kids any more.)

I sent them this card. Hopefully it arrived in time. As usual I didn't get it mailed out until Saturday.

It is an Acrylic card. Since my MIL liked the one I made for her friend so much, I figured I'd make one for her (and Dad). I used my Cricuit cartridge-Mini Monogram-to cut the large red scallops that I glued to the front & back. The "Happy Anniversary" is cut from another Cricuit cartridge (Beyond Birthdays-I think). The roses are left over from when I made her friends card so I thought it would be appropriate to use it on this one. I added little rhinestones around the edge of the scallop.

There is a white "card" glued to the inside so my My DH could write a very sweet note inside. I stamped the envelope with some Anniversary sayings to add to the festiveness (???).

I just finished a card for my FIL's birthday that is this Sunday. I'll save that to show you over the weekend.

I'll leave you with a find from this past weekend. I'm constantly looking for ways to organize and as my Acrylic stamp stash grows, so does my issue of how/where to store them. I had been using several CD case holders and then I found this at my local Thrift store.

It will hold 80 cases. I finally broke out my Label maker and organized the

cases on Saturday night. It took until 2am and then I realized that the cases fit better if they are stuck in the other way (meaning the end that I had labeled). I went to the store and bought more "tape" but I haven't had the time to re-label all of the cases. Since I can get rid of several other CD storage units, I'll have room on my craft table for this baby. Once it is all arranged I think it will be perfect. Not bad for $6.

(thought I'd add, in case you can't tell..that this spins. SO excited by this, can you tell?)

Til later..............................


Jenn said...

Great card! Happy Anniversary to them -- what number??

Kip said...

Great organizing idea and love the card!

Loretta said...

It's anniversary #54...I was born two days short of their 1st anniversary! Sometimes Mama gets the years mixed up and throws the "legitimacy" of my birth into doubt, lol.

Beautiful card, Cheryl, as was my birthday card. Thank you!! :-)

Michele L from Tampa said...

that is exactly what I have been looking for - BRAT

Denise said...

Beautiful card! What a great find for your stamps... Have a great day

lexi said...

great find! mine spins too--fun to find the stamps you want!

Anonymous said...

I have gone over to clear storage pouches to hold all my clear acrylic stamps. I like this method because I can sort them according to a theme. Mine are color coordinated so I always know where to find sayings or flowers etc. You can find them in two sizes at if you are interested. I store them in drawers and it works just like a filing cabinet. Besides that it holds a lot! I also use the drawers to store the stamps that are still in CD cases and it works nicely that way to. Getting organized is the KEY to great cards!