Friday, January 18, 2008

Soap Boxes

I don't want you to think I'm giving up my efforts to support Organ Donation. Nope! Still feel strongly. Glad to see some chatter and to know that alot of you feel the same way I do. Greatest gift you can give FOR FREE. Click on my link to the left for more information. MAKE SURE your family knows your wishes and/or that you have it in writing, ie: will-legal directive. Just having a donor card will not automatically allow the hospital to harvest what they need. Carrying the donor card in your wallet is still a good idea, just make sure you back it up with a legal statement. If you haven't already, scroll down and read my last few blog posts. Just DO IT!! Thanks.

Now for some "Fluff" to share.

If you are a friend or regular blog reader, you know the issues we've had with my DS and his schooling. He is very smart but was consistently trying to prove otherwise with his grades. Most of the problems were caused by not turning in homework he had done, getting an attitude towards an assignment and choosing NOT to do it...bla..bla..yada..yadda....

So this year before school started my DH had "THE TALK" with the DS. Apparently, so far, holding our breath is working. He got his second report card of the year and he got:
3 A's & 3 B's. Excellent conduct. He brought the lone "C" from last time up to a "B" and a "B" up to an "A". WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I offered him a special dinner last night and he decided on PORK CHOPS. We already had PORK CHOPS thawing out for dinner before I made the offer that he could choose. I told him he could have ANYTHING and we'd save the PC's for another night. NOPE. Pork Chops. OK, so was there anything else he'd like? Yep, Cookie Dough.

He has been wanting to make cookies again since the original cookie making tragedy and since I bought him a "real" cookie dough scooper. So, I stopped at the store on the way home and "splurged" on a tub of "chocolate chip cookie dough".

After his meal of PC's and a little time for kitchen clean up, he made his cookies. They were perfect! He was so pleased.

DH and I finally watched "Premonition". Yep, we are that behind. Pretty good.

MISC STUFF: We have a bunch of shows to catch up on this weekend. Football Playoffs are down to the wire (GO PATS!!!!). I have Monday off. I must get the tree taken down. DS is with his dad this weekend. I need to start working on Valentine Cards. My DD's birthday is Tuesday. I may get my PTI sets this weekend. I have pictures coming that need scrapping. I added a MAP to my blog and was SHOCKED to see a hit from Europe. WOW. Someone must have been lost. LOL.

Please read Tricia's story if you haven't already. She woke up and was finally able to be told about her daughter. Very touching pictures have been added today. Don't forget to say a prayer tomorrow for people waiting for a transplant, their families and the families of the people that loose their loved ones so another person has a chance at life. If you have any questions about donation please check out this site.

I think that is all I need to blab about right now. Have a wonderful weekend. If you are going to careful. Don't drink & drive. I'll stay home and watch it on TV.

Till later..........................

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Jenn said...

Hmm, I think I'm gonna get myself a Map for my blog! I'm interested in seeing who may sneak up on my page.