Tuesday, August 14, 2007

7th grade orientation

What a pain in the BUTT!

First they schedule it for 8-3 on a Tuesday. Hello, working parent. I schedule time off with work. I get the boy up to be at school by 8am. They make us stand outside the cafeteria in the sweltering Florida heat until the dot of 8am. The line moves an inch and then I realize some idiot has positioned a table right at the front door. No one can get inside. They finally move said table and the crowd surges into the AC.

We head for the 7th grade table. We wait in line until we get to the front, only to be informed that we needed to go to the "Clinic" table first. UM, could you have posted a sign that informed us?? We head to the clinic table, wait again, then the lady informs me that I can't get my sons registration/class schedule because I didn't bring the proof from the doctor that he got the 7th grade required shot.

OK, so it's been on the refridge for over a month. I knew they needed it but I forgot it. The message we got the other day didn't tell us we would not be able to get the class schedule until they had it in their hot little hands. She informs me I'll have to go home and get it.

Um, NO.

She said ok, then he can bring it on the first day of school but can't get his classes until then.

Um, NO.

I confess at that point I "Bowed up" (a southern expression that means I explained in a "nice" way that I was not leaving the building without the papers I'd come to get)!! I "sweetly" suggested that I could fax the paper when I got to work if she would only relent in her rigid rules. She "agreed" that the faxing would be an excellent idea and "cheerfully" wrote the fax number on a piece of paper. I thanked her f0r her assistance and headed back to the 7th grade table.

As you can imagine there was now a much longer line and I was not pleased to be at the end of it. I started asking the people in front of me if they had been to the clinic table and if they had not, they would need to leave the line and head there "post haste". Amazing how quickly that got us to the front of the line where the lady was oh-so-pleased to see my little slip of paper that said "OK". We got the class schedule, paid our fees (which no one could explain to me what it covered and why everyone had a different amount due???) and moved over to the lunch table. I paid a "start up" credit on DS's lunch account and after a quick discussion about "dressing out" with the PE teacher we were on our way.

Side note: As promised I faxed the Dr. form to the school or at least the phone number on my paper as soon as I arrived at work. I will have my DS bring the original to school on the first day and then everything should be right with the world.

Unless the "Clinic" lady turns out to be one of my sons new teachers. She wouldn't hold a grudge would she?? NAH.

Funny story, everyone (except the clinic lady) asked DS if he was excited to be starting back to school or made a comment about having a great year. Each time he would say, "I've already had a discussion with my step dad and I know that if I get in trouble I'm on restriction for the rest of the school year". LOL. What ever it takes.

Oh, and then on the way out of the school parking lot we see two little middle school "Huzzes" walking across the street. I made a comment to DS about staying away from girls/girls like that. He said, "Well maybe". WHAT does that mean?? He said that he was 12 & that he should have started liking girls last year. Who says that?? Then he said that "What happens in the Jungle, stays in the Jungle". ???????????????????? He said" Never mind, I don't know what I'm talking about. OMG!! This should be interesting.

Now I will leave you with a picture I blog lifted from my friend Deirdre. I can't believe I didn't take a camera and no one got a group photo. The table closest to the front was mine..well actually, so is most of the stuff on the left side of the table..including the sewing machine I took and never used.

Til later...................


Michele L from Tampa said...

oh you are so in trouble this year with him! where the heck did he get that saying from? wow! mikey? but yet he will not talk to a kid at the bus stop? guess since he is a boy he is not supposed to talk to them! start taking little pink pills now!

Trudie Lloyd said...

Oh Cheryl this so had me laughing out loud today!! And I am so glad that all of this is behind me - of course my oldest grandson just turned 13 and starts 7th grade this month. Hmmm - maybe I better have a talk with him, no wait maybe better that I don't know!

deirdre said...

OMG! i think you are in trouble this year, watch out! LOL!

you are so welcome for that great photo, he he. you know i only took those 2! can you believe it! at least i remembered to take those, he he:)


Jenn said...

OMG! I am BUSTING OUT LAUGHING! "What happens in the jungle, stays in the jungle!" What the HECK does that MEAN!?!?! I'm confused, so he should have started liking girls last year, does that mean he does not like girls yet? LOL Hmmm! What goes on in a Pre-Teen Boys' mind? ((I'm scared to know since I will have three to go through))