Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Waiting for news

I went for my Ultrasound and I won't find out the results until Tuesday when I see my doctor. I tried to get some idea of what they saw but the tech wouldn't say. I'm sure she's seen enough scans to know when somethings wrong. I understand she can't say because she's not a doctor but come on..throw me a bone. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. I'll let you know as soon as I find out. I'm pretty sure it's going to be my gall bladder. Wonder if I can change my eating habits and avoid surgery? Yeah-right!!

My birthday was quiet but nice. My DD took me to lunch and brought me a HUGE balloon that sings a "RAP happy birthday" when you hit it. It has been the "hit" of the office ever since. Friends of mine gave me a GC to Cheddars, my FAVORITE, so I'll be enjoying that some time soon. My DS & DH gave me very sweet/cute cards and my son gave me a beautiful plant. Luckily for it, my DH is in charge of the plants on the patio. The ones I planted in the "strawberry wagons" in the front yard went from beautiful to "dead" in a couple days. Must be the heat. DH gave them plant food so maybe they will come back. I got my Halloween themed stamps from Papertreyink and some from Hambo so I have some new toys to play with. Yesterday I found 2 drawer "storage units" on clearance at Staples. I bought about 8-10 of them and will be re-doing my re-done scrap room this weekend. It never ends!

Funny story about my DS's first day of school. Remember the Clinic lady and her insistence that she have the shot record before she would release his schedule......well guess who sent her son to school on Monday WITHOUT the schedule or the original shot record?? Yep, that would be me. Good grief. How ironic is that?! Thankfully my son remembered his first class and he was able to get another copy once he got to school. OMG!!! When they hand out parent of the year ballots please don't forget to pencil my name in. I deserve it.....don't I?

Have a great Wed. and we'll chat soon.

OH.....I forgot the funniest thing about my Birthday. Friday when I went to the doctors they prescribed a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory. Note to self # 10000+..never take a muscle relaxer when you have to work. I spent most of the day holding on to things because I was so dizzy and also had very blurry vision from the other meds. I was trying to focus on a word I needed to write out of a ICD-9 (medical codes) book. It was about 15 letters long and I was having a very hard time seeing it. I looked up at the top of the page and realized that the category I was in was about the EYE!! Could my life be more of a sitcom? (must say that in your best Chandler Bing voice to fully appreciate how funny it is....well maybe it's just me)

Til later.........