Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dentist day

My DS was supposed to have a dentist appointment this morning but it was rescheduled for 9/11 (Arg). I have an appointment this afternoon. My first under the new insurance. Since my former dentist has been wanting to do several things I've put off due to cost, I'm curious to see what this office comes up with. Since it's been such a big dental month for the household, my DH asked if I thought the "Coast Dental" people would give us a family discount. LOL.

Shoulder is still hurting. Maybe a long soak in the tub would help. Maybe it's old age??

Speaking of which, Thanks for your kind comments about my shameless Birthday (4 more days & a wake up) plug yesterday. I'm worse than a little kid. I have no problem having a birthday. I'm only 17 in my head so I can ignore the actual number. My DH asked me last night "What he had bought me for my Birthday?" LOL!!!! I asked him if he meant collectively or did he want a specific large item?? I've bought MANY little things, I figure those count.

Say a prayer for law officials today. They have a thankless job. They put their lives on the line everyday. In an instant some psycho can snuff them out. My friend Jessie's hubby is a SWAT guy. He's not even my hubby but I worry about him every time I hear about the SWAT team being called out. I can't imagine what their families go through. God Bless them all.

Til later..............

OH could I forget to mention ELVIS today?? Where were you in 1977? my SIL Loretta & I were living in Fayettville, NC (not together..LONG story) and he was supposed to perform in concert that weekend at our civic center. I didn't have tickets but still....obviously he didn't make it.************UPDATE...apparently that LONG story I mentioned is even more painful than I remembered. It's made me block out memories. My SIL has corrected me on my time line. Since she'd know where she was & I'm sure of where I was..Guess I was the only one in NC-Aug 1977. Thanks L! Ain't old age a pain in the memory!!


Anonymous said...

In 1977 It was the summer before 8th grade started and I remember I was at my mom's friends house and they were watching the news about Elvis on television. Since I was listening to Elton John and Steely Dan, and Linda Ronstadt, I thought they were pretty nerdy for being so upset about Elvis. Now I know better ;)

Loretta said... ARE getting old, dear, lol. I left NC in December of 1976 and was already in Germany when Elvis died. I remember sitting in the kitchen of our tiny little apartment, listening to my transistor radio, when the announcement came on. :(


Kip said...

So is a "stitch" in your side, a symptom of gall bladder?? I have that too occasionally.