Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bargains aren't always a good thing

Darn it!! I am half way through my Saturday and haven't accomplished nearly as much as I'd hoped. Hmmmmm. Where have we heard that before? Usually in every weekend post.

It's not my fault!!

Lets start with yesterday and work our way to the present(two more days BTW) and I'll prove it.

Yesterday I still wasn't feeling well. The shoulder/chest pain was still there and my "Stitch" was hurting worse than ever. I called my PCP and was amazed they could work me in that afternoon. I went & described my ailments. NP again says that it sounds like my Gallbladder. Can't be says I. I don"t have any of the symptoms...upset stomach, burping, belching...bla..bla..bla. Nope feel fine except for the unrelenting pain near my lowest right rib. I said don't you think we should do a scan or something to figure out what this is?? She agrees and writes a script for an Ultrasound rule out Gallbladder. Oh and she says...the acid reflux medication that you've been taking for years could be masking the gallbladder symptoms. OMG moment. She also gives me two scripts for the shoulder pain. They drew blood to rule out an infection in my stomach and I called and scheduled the Ultrasound for Tuesday.

I called my mom afterwards, as she's had her gallbladder removed (actually I'm the only one in my immediate family that still has hers) and asked what syptoms she had. She says about the same thing as my Dr. had. She also said that one of the food groups that caused her the most trouble was --DAIRY. Another OMG moment as I eat Ice Cream/frozen Yogurt almost every night.

Head to Walmart (sorry Cari)and get my scripts filled. Picked up a few household items..make that alot of junk food because I was hungry and feeling sorry for myself. And besides, it's all about me and it's almost my birthday.

Came home & whipped up some Quesadias (sorry for spelling). Felt like crap. DH read the medication instructions and insisted I take them right away. Well, I'm a "cheap drunk" and muscle relaxers make me very sleepy! Sure enough, out like a light on the couch before 9:30. Went to Bed around 10 and slept mostly right through until 8:30 am. Was alittle afraid to take another one today but so far so good.

My DH put together the "File holders" that I got on clearance last week from Target. I had bought some file holders at Office Depot (because I'm stupid and didn't get them at Walmart since I kept thinking I needed LEGAL size and they didn't have any. ) DUH. I realized while waiting in line at OD that they would be to big. I went back and got the Letter size.

Long story, that in fact is boring me, I cleared out the scrap room to begin my "re-do version 10, when I discovered the file folders do not fit. WTF? They were about an inch to small to fit from rail to rail. I have some larger ones and tried them and they are about 2 inches to big. ARG!!!! My entire re-do was hinged on those cubes. Crap. Now I'll have to have DH take them apart, take them back to the store and rethink my idea. POOP. So instead of redoing the room, I've spent 3 hours printing off patterns for card making.

I'm going to leave you now and try and make something work. DH is supposed to take me to dinner & a movie but frankly-neither of us looks quite up to it. Maybe a nice home grilledmeal -TV night is a better plan.

Til later.............

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deirdre said...

well i sure hope that they come up with what is wrong with you even if it is your galbladder, just get that sucker out:) hugs and loves let us know the update!