Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good News, Bad news

Work will be back to normal after today's "review". Thank goodness!! I never want to make another copy again. I seriously used an entire case of copy paper over the last three days. I can't even tell you what a pain in the butt this has been but if they want to pay me to make copies..OK then.

Now for the results you have all been waiting for......They have no idea what is wrong with me. The ultrasound showed no gall stones, a slightly fatty liver (everything else is fat so why shouldn't my liver be??) , all the rest of the stuff was fine, my blood work was fine. The doctor actually said he has "NO idea" what is causing my pain. He said my next step is to see the Gastro Dr. and have him do a scope down my throat and if that shows nothing then I will have to have a test to "light up" my gall bladder to see if I have "Gall bladder disease". He said he still thinks it is my GB but it may just have "Sludge" that is causing the irritation & pain but doesn't show up on an Ultrasound.

So, we move on. I figure I've been living with this for at least 3+ years so a little longer won't hurt pun intended. Maybe my body is telling me to loose weight and that will take care of all of my aches & pains. At least it looks like I won't need surgery, at least for now.

Thanks for all your well wishes and good thoughts.

Now, how are you all??

After today, I have the next 5 days off...Wahoo!!! It's so nice to have days off...with pay for the first time in 4 years. I hope to get alot of scrappin/card making done. What are your plans for the Labor Day holiday weekend??

BTW, I stopped into Michael's on BBD last night and they actually had some of the "Martha" stuff in the CLEARANCE section. WOW. They won't take coupons but they can mark down packages of 18 x 12 paper to .89? OK, so I bought 6 rolls that have three sheets of double sided paper in each of them. That's a lot of card making paper.

Ok, so I failed my NO buying pledge. I didn't make if official "here" so it doesn't really count.

Does it??

Til later................


Dee said...

Glad to hear there won't be any surgery hun. Just know tho if they do, it's not so bad. I had my GB taken out in 2001 and it was an overnight kinda thing.

Naughty naughty girl, spending $$$, and on Martha stuff... lol


Jenn said...

I'm glad you don't have to have surgery but I hate that they do not know what is wrong with you. Hmm, don't give up though.

Enjoy your mini-vacation. I hope you have a great weekend. We're getting out of the house tomorrow night. Woohoo!