Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to reality

I got back from the Scrapyard croppin weekend about 4:15 yesterday. It was all I expected and then some. Men can't understand women and there is good reason. We will talk about and share ANYTHING!! I know more than I should about all the wonderful women I spent the weekend with. I know when each of them lost their virginity, all about each of their children's births and other stuff I can't even allow myself to remember right now. Mainly, I know they are great friends and alot of fun to spend the weekend with. I can't wait to do it again.

I did accomplish some stuff..26 cards and two altered books. I'll try and make an on line album to post all the cards so you can admire my craftiness(craftyness??) anyway.....I'm pleased with my self but happy to be home.

Now, time to get geared up for school starting next week. Earlier bedtimes for the boy & earlier get ups for me to get used to the new schedule. ARG!! Orientation is tomorrow morning. We get his class schedule, meet the teachers, pay all our fees and get the bus route times. WAHOO.

How was your weekend? Share but not to much. I'm already trying to get my "Minds Eye" recovered from the number of times I had to "Poke it out" over the weekend.

Til later...............


deirdre said...

had a wonderful time with you cheryl! glad you accomplished so much and the cards were really awesome! hope to do it again soon!

Denise said...

We had a kick butt time, didn't we? I had a great time, can't wait till the next one! Your altered notebooks and cards were AMAZING, as always... Hugs