Sunday, August 26, 2007

Holy Poop

How can it be that I haven't posted since Wed???? I'm so sorry. Apparently everyone one else has been busy cause ya sure didn't call or email me to see if I was OK.

So what cha been doing?? Me?? Well, work has been very busy and will be Monday-Wed of this coming week. We have an audit being done, yearly thing apparently, and things are crazy trying to get ready. NO time for my peeps during the day and by night fall I've been collapsing.

This weekend I redid the scrap room....yes again...with all the 2 drawer thingies I got at staples. SPEAKING of sister and mom stopped over Saturday morning to give me my B-day gift and guess what it was?? Come on..if you read my blog you should be able to figure it out....YEP, my long reach stapler. WAHOO. Thanks sis/Mom!!! I haven't played with it yet cause I just finished the room re-do and typing a letter that MUST be mailed in the morning..but I will. If by some slim chance you have one waiting to give to me..I still need Photoshop Elements...LOL!!!!

In between the re-doing, I've watched Nascar and the Little League World Series. YEAH for the Georgia boys!! World Champs for the second year in a row. I felt like I was their moms I got so emotional watching the final game. I also cried a little for the poor Japanese boys that lost cause they were crying and that breaks my heart. I can't stand to see anyone, especially kids, cry.

So, this week will be crazy and I'm sorry if I'm MIA again. I love you all dearly, really I do! I'll try to get time on the computer if I can get DS off of it and maybe drop a line or two. I'm taking Thursday & Friday off and that will make it a 5 day weekend. YEAH!!!!! I should be able to get one on here next weekend as DS is at his dads and I won't have to fight for screen time.

Oh, I almost forgot...I made 6 or 7 Halloween cards yesterday using my new Papertreyink set. So cute!! We also have been enjoying the wild life out behind our house. A couple of baby raccoons have been enjoying our bird feeder. DH got some great pics and I promise to show you both the cards & the little fuzzy fella soon. Oh and I have my Doctors appointment on Tuesday afternoon. I must not be dying since they haven't called in a panic. I've tried to be a good girl and not eat the bad foods since the Ultra sound. I haven't had any Ice Cream in at least a week. I'm going crazy for some but am trying to treat my body better. So I say for now.

Til later.........


Michele L from Tampa said...

bout time you blogged lol. Glad no one else got you the stapler. Can not wait to see the cards.

Jenn said...

I noticed you weren't blogging; I've actually blogged a lot this past week. I know all about the audit week at work, we have it every year at our work as well. I'm glad you got the stapler you wanted. I hope you have a lot of fun playing with it. I thind after 2 weeks without ice cream, your body adjusts, lol. Its like when a soda addict comes off soda, they have headaches and mood swings but after week 2, they are all good. So, keep up the good work. Your body will thank you later.

Jenn said...

Ok and now you're not blogging again! Where are you busy woman?