Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caterpillars & Wednesday

Lisa D will understand my title. For the rest of you, I got my hair done last night (WAY overdue!) and my gal always tames the caterpillars that are my eyebrows at the same time. Last night they were threatening to turn into Butterfly's they were so big. Anyway, I'm back to my beautiful, blond w/highlights, shaped eyebrow & hairless upper lip self. It only took 3 hours. God Bless my Wendy. She is a gem.

So, lets dish.......

AI started last night and we are a-twitter with joy. We asked the DS to join us for the fun that is the "Auditions". Sadly, we discovered the boy can't tell if someone is good or bad. Oh my. He'd say what he thought after they sang the first few notes and he was ALWAYS wrong. After the first few he gave up & started asking me if they were good or bad. Eventually he decided his time was better served killing aliens and left DH and I alone to savor the experience.

There were a few good ones and the usual "Can you really believe you can sing?" and the ones that weren't to bad but their personalities got in the way. I laughed my butt off at the "Willem DeFoe" reference for Glitter face girl. NAILED IT! She wasn't bad vocally if you like that style but her personality was "off". While I, of anyone, can't throw stones for having a weird personality, she took it to far. I actually thought Simon was "Kind" to her and her antics afterwards were purely psychotic or because she wanted her 15 minutes.

Looking forward to tonight and a fresh batch of "talent".

How you doing??

Til later.................


Jenn said...

I also called the boys in to watch the AI audtions with me. I thought it would be a nice bonding experience for us, lol. Tyler wasn't interested but I sort of forced him to watch, and after about 5 min. he started getting into it. "Glitter Face" actually frightened Dylan! He kept saying she was saying "bleep bleep bleep" that's bad words right!??! They got a HUGE kick out of the large black guy that sang sooooo sloooowww & had the judges in tears from laughter. Ah, its so nice to have AI back!

Lisa said...

Oh Cheryl, I totally get the caterpillars comment! I feel so much better since last week myself! It's amazing what a trip to the salon can do!