Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If a Primary is held in Florida, will anyone listen?

From what I understand, our votes today won't really count because we aren't supposed to hold a primary in January????? I really am not sure what all the mess is about so I voted anyway. It was a pain as I went to the place I voted last time and they said I was supposed to be at another location. ??? So I went to the other location (just outside my subdivision instead of the Mile+ away I'd gone before) and voted. Two choices and I'm sure I messed them both up. I won't share with you what I selected. I hope the best out come, comes out.

The Oprah watching yesterday turned into the biggest MESS. Apparently, just because your office has a $10,000 audio/visual unit with a HUGE TV that doesn't mean it can get local reception. We ended up in a tiny room with a small TV that had rabbit ears and we couldn't get much more than snow. We finally gave up. I watched it as soon as I got home and never saw my friend. I've overheard her talking and it sounds like she saw herself so I'll have to get the exact details and check again. Luckily I didn't erase the show as I suspected that would happen.

My entire team was supposed to be in a meeting for half the day. I was looking forward to "looking busy" but when I arrived, one of the team members had stayed behind. Since she's the one that gives me the most work, I guess I may actually have to do things today. Darn!

AI on tonight so will enjoy some more auditions. I don't think alot else is on so maybe I can get some more cards made. Someone asked for a sympathy card so I have to at least get that done.

I realized on the way to work this morning that the Super Bowl is this weekend. We will be watching from the luxury suite of our living room. GO PATRIOTS!!!!

Til later................................

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