Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Blog anniversary to ME & other news

OK so I'm a month late with my Anniversary post. I didn't notice any of YOU wishing me a Happy Anniversary on December 14th.

No gifts.

No cards.


No worries. I give because I care.

Before I get the "SPEECH" from Kip (Hi!! Love ya!!) let me say that I post to hear myself talk. Not so people will love me or nominate me to "Best Blogger" or some such. I blog because I am a frustrated great novelist and because sometimes you get really cool prizes if you have one.

Truthfully, I can't believe it has been a year. Insert cliche here.

Wonder where we'll be at the end if 2008?

Here, I hope.

Now, how about some real news?

Yesterday we had a big day with DS taking part in his first Karate Tournement. I'll post pictures and details on that on the next post.

Last night I got to spend time with several of my favorite people. Denise, Deirdre, Nicole & Dawn were at the YMCA crop and they let me join them. I brought a ton of stuff and spent the night cutting up old Christmas cards.It was great to spend time with the SY gals and I am very glad being pregnant isn't contagious. LOL.

Today is another day of celebration in the family and the last one for awhile. I'll post the card I made on another post.

What's that?

Three posts in one day?

You spoil us.

Yes, yes I do.

Til later.....................


Kip said...

What do you mean, speech girl!! At the most, I give you a lecture at least, lol!

Nicole said...

Glad to spend time with you also, so if pregnancy isn't did this happen???


Michele L from Tampa said...

wow blog happy girl. Mom even said no post again the other day. Sorry could not make the crop - would have been fun

Jenn said...

Goodness, you were a blogging this weekend huh, lol