Thursday, December 14, 2006

My first post-let the fun begin

Everyone I know , or so it seems, has a Blog. I've debated about getting one for a while. Goodness knows I'm interesting enough ..LOL...but would anyone really care to visit my site? I've decided to give it a try and even if it turns out for my own entertainment it should be fun.

I'm not sure how often I'll post or what the content will be so come on along for the ride. I'll share my creations using my favorite new toy-the Cricuit. I'll use it to introduce people to "Top Line Creations aka TLC" since I'm a consultant for that fabulous scrapbook company. I'll use it to share ideas that either I come up with or those that I scrap-lift (with permission of course) from people much more talented than me! I may even make this interactive with contests & prizes...who knows! I've certainally got enough stuff in my scrap book room that I could afford to give some away....hmmmmm..let me think about that.

Since I can be very opinionated, and very few people get my humor, I'll try not to use this for a "soap box". I'll share a little about my family but plan to, for the most part, leave them out of the limelight. They don't need people knowing every time they do something silly. Since they are the reason I scrap (oh..........get the name of the blog now??) and the subject of most of my LO's you'll "meet" them anyway.

Now for the shameless plug:
If you are interested in knowing more about "TLC" feel free to check my website at .

Ok, I've officially finished my first post. Wow, that wasn't so painful.

Until next time....


Java-Mama said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!

Mary (scrapyard group)

Michele L from Tampa said...

Darn went to be one of the first to post, but since my Yahoo email is slow and I am at work - I am not first. oh well, I tried. Told ya Blogs are addictive. Can not start my day or end my night without reading them (many of them) too too many of them lol)

Cami said...

looks great Cheryl!